Lyra Erodion vs Ypsilon MC16 for Lyra Kleos

Has anybody have experience with these 2 step ups with either Lyra Cartridges or Similar Carts? Have read up a lot on the Ypilson, but most of the reviews it is teamed up with their own phono Stage.

Thanks for any feedback
no sut is best. why you need sut for kleos? all you need 55db of gain. if you don't have much i suggest to get cart with higher output.
Hi, I'll have to disagree with the above poster re "no sut in best" -however markanetz may have a valid point in his system from his perspective.

SUT's can sound great. Everything is system dependent. I happen to be thrilled with my EAR MC 4 SUT.

What phono stage are you using? I don't have direct experience with the 2 SUT's you're considering...
The Quality of SUT (Reproduction Quality, Soundstage, Channel separation,
Gain, Specs in Lab...) can show differences like day and night. Unfortunately
there are endless inferior Products out there (High End) because no one can see
inside the box.
I had an Erodion 2 years ago for a loan, my friend got it from the Distributor, he
(both we owned the Kondo Sf-z at that time) made a few comparisons and at
the end of the day, it is overpriced (when you buy it new) for its Performance
compared to others. But the one from Koetsu is much worse, so, it isn't that
bad. The Lyra Painting is great.
The SUT inside the Lamm LP2 (for example) have much better specs and you
can hear it at once.
Never listened to the Ypsilon (I did listen to their Phonostage), but probably
they have more enthusiasm to offer something serious. Try to find a Demo with
Thanks for the feedback.

Syntax, the Sut inside the Lamms are Jensens, correct? Can I obtain the same Sut in a external box to use with other phono stages?

Also can you clarify your statement above? Are you referring to the Kondo as overpriced or the Erodion? and are you saying the Lamm has better specs than the Lamm or the Erodian?

At the moment I am using a vintage Audio techica toroidial step up with great results. This beast is over 4 kilos in weight and has 3 different RCA inputs that tap direct into the transformer( no switches). Can't find much info on them though! The audio technica combined with a full tube phono stage easily beat my whest ref v phono that I was using for the last 3 years!!!

Well, for whatever it's worth, Fremer thinks the Ypsilon SUTs are by far the best he's ever heard. I don't have the Stereophile issue in front of me right now, but he gave it a pretty thorough review and comparison with other highly regarded SUTs a few issues back. So you probably can't go wrong with the Ypsilon.
I heard the older Lyra Arion and was not particularly impressed by it when using with Air Tight or Dynavector. However, my local dealer mentioned that Lyra SUT works extremely well with Lyra cartridge but perhaps, not so well with other, whatever that is supposed to mean.

If I remember Fremer's review of Ypsilon pre phono accurately, I think he did say that Ypsilon phono, when used with Reikon SUT (not available separately from its phono), the performance went up another notch but MC-10 was not so far behind. I think someone on Audo Asylum mentioned that MF bought a couple of Ypsilon SUTs for his own use.
I agree that unless you get a killer SUT that would bring out the best in low output moving coils (read expensive), then a high output cartridge without the added SUT will ultimately give better sound.
Hmmm..., I change my mind a bit about Lyra SUT, at least the Arion. Just heard Arion with Lyra Atlas and it is an excellent combination. I have not compared it to other SUT yet but in the past, Arion just did not do anything for me with other cartridges. Different story this time with Lyra cartridge.