Made In China

There seems to be a lot of varying opinion when it comes to China and the products that are made there. I personally know of an audio store in my home town that made the decision to no longer carry products with manufacturing ties in China. Maybe that’s why they have such a limited show room? Recently, I purchased a Cayin RU2 portable DAC and headphone dongle that‘s made in China. It’s the only audio product that I own that’s solely manufactured by a Chinese company and so far I have no complaints. Of course, my Apple products were likely made in China and I like those a lot. And if I’m correct (and I’m likely incorrect), Denafrips and Schiit Audio products are assembled in China but I’m uncertain where those companies are located. So I’m just wondering about audio products from Asia that offer high end build and sound quality. I would assume that most products from China, Korea, Japan, etc… offer a high value for the dollar? Anyway, please feel free to share your opinion and knowledge on this topic as I’m wanting to learn more about what‘s out made and engineered in that part of the world.



Ukraine is part of Russia history and historical borders... And an historical fact is not a defense of agression it is only an historical fact ...

Second: Us had 750 known military bases around earth...Russia own 20 bases mostly all in the borders of the ex Soviet union...then Russia has no bases all around the earth..

What is threatening between two countries , the one owning bases all around a planet or the other who did not ?

These are FACTS... Not propaganda as is your appeal to censorship...


Are we not in a free country here ?

@mahgister Russia not "owning any military bases out of their historical borders"

other than an entire army in another country, bombing cities and villages, killing and and raping and torturing civilians and shipping babies and children into brainwashing camps. Small nuance. I thought you were somewhat reasonable.

What does it take the admin to remove this wildly politicized post?



Some of us are old enough to remember when "Made in Japan" was the qualifier for cheap and inferior products. However, I do agree with others that buying from both a Communist and antagonistic country is not optimal. 

Of course, it’s very difficult to avoid Chinese manufacturing in most anything.  I avoid patronizing Chinese companies because I believe China is the greatest threat to US and the world.  I don’t want to give my money to a country that threatens us.  My choice has nothing to do with product quality.  

@mahgister you seem to know very little about Russia's history. But let's move on. By your logic, anyone can use the historical border argument. The World would be a bloodbath in a split second. Historical borders were arguments used in devastating world wars. I would recommend you look at maps from a few hundred years ago.