magnepan 1.7 or 3.7 vs spendor s8e

Enjoying a spendor s8e now but have caught the "green is greener..." bug and am considering uppgrading my system.

The new magnepans caught my attention as I like live music renderings, jazz, accoustic music and sometimes large classical ensembles...rock/pop occasionally but not why I bought my current system.

Would the magnepans be an upgrade? What would the main differences be?

Can't comment on the Spendor since I have not heard them. I do use the 3.6's and I can recommend the 3.7's very highly. A caution on the 3.7's however, you need a very powerful, high current cable amp to get the best from them and they should be set at least a couple of feet from the back wall to produce the best sound stage. Actually, four to six feet would be best.

I've listened to hundreds of speakers over the last 30 years and I don't think that you can beat the 3.6's or 3.7's for the money overall. They are not perfect, but they are exceptional in almost every way!
Transition. Be careful.
The transition from a British speaker like Spendor, is a leap...very different presentation. I personally like the British Sound that Spendor represents...unlike B&W, it's a pleasant sound, very nice with a warm rich presentation. Always a fav of mine.
With the THIEL's you're going to hear what you perceive to be (everything's a relationship) a lessening of the mid range. The THIEL's are very flat in the middle, not having a foward MR presentation like the Spendor.
Again, the Spendor is so pleasant, colors that I like it's nice, very nice. The THIEL's could sound, may sound a little cold by comparison. Just knowing this so you're not surprised is helpful.
The Maggies, flat but a seemingly richer more forward middle.
The most startling thing about the 1.7, is it's total lack of box sound...if you're not aware of what 'boxes' sound like, you will be once you hear the 1.7.
These are wonderful speakers.
They will NOT give you the illusion of 'punch' that you get with dynamic speakers. Let's face it, moving a mass the distance dynamic drivers do, versus Magnepan, is minuscule by comparison, and your ear will definitely notice the difference.
After the adjustment, and given the price differential, I would think that the Maggies would be your most economical choice.
Then you get into cosmetics, money and all the other things that practical people, not audio nuts seem to evaluate.
Me...for the money, I'd try the Maggies.

thanks, larry. very helpful. i must admit i love my spendors quite a bit. hopefully i can demo some maggies here in the sf area
Do your best to own both technologies, as no one speaker can bring complete satisfaction.
Even though what I just stated is a universal truth, I suppose I should add "imo". ;)
"Going to the fruit market. What tastes better, oranges or bananas?"

Not trying to be cute. Just trying to highlight the huge differences in sound/ presentation between the two.
If you can't borrow some or are not familiar OR if you just want to hear them in your own home, a Low-Risk idea would be to send off for a pair of MMG.
They have some deal, which you should check out FIRST about upgrade at full credit for 30 or 60 days....some such.

Maggies have a house sound so going up-line just gets you more, not different. And depending what what you value, you may find the more.....attractive, though some simply stop at MMG.

Another alternative in the Maggie line would be some heavily Modd'd 1.6s or similar. Real wood frames, crossover mods and aftermarket stands are all on the table as well as those who take 'em apart and add various damping materials to the pole pieces.

And yes, Frog's got a point. Very different things, sound-wise.
Maggies, for the great unwashed out there, bring an 'Oh My God' moment to listeners.
Their lack of cabinet sounds, which nobody ever knows they're hearing until they've heard otherwise, is really startling to most people.
This is why I said what I did in my original answer to the post.
I'm really thinking, once again, that you might love Maggies. They have a glorious midrange, though very different from the Spendor. Frankly, they're more neutral in the tonal balance sense...but importantly, they're more transparent, detailed...and we could go on.
Give them a listen--and then share your experience with the lot of us.

Best is to listen and judge for yourself as others here have mentioned. I've listened to the 1.7s driven by the latest Bryston 4B-SST few months ago. That was the first time I listened to a pair of planar speakers. Couldn't warm up to the sound although they do exhibit a total lack of boxiness. The 1.7s are definitely very detailed and transparent speakers. However, sound of instruments will not have the body or tonal qualities of box speakers, particularly the warm and rich sounding Spendors. Play some saxophone and trumpet, or piano and string instruments such as violins, violas and cellos on both speakers and see which sound you prefer. All these instruments will sound very different through both designs. As to which is more accurate, that is up to one's listening preferences or expectations. If you attend live performances, you may be able to judge better.

Though I have to add that the Spendor S8e is not a very well-received model in the range when compared to the classic SP models, or the A series.
3.7s have body and weight that I didn't hear in 1.7s so don't give up on Maggies for that reason...