Plinius SA-102 for Magnepan 3.6

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I am keen to change my speaker system from ML SL3 to Magnepan 3.6R or ML Vantage/Summit. I am very keen on Maggies provided my amplifier - Plinius SA-102 can drive these Maggies. My room measures 25' by 13', 6 ' from the rear wall and 2' from the side walls. Listening position is 7' away. Can anyone advice?
I'm sure they will run them but not at optimal performance. I believe you'll need more power. Usually a safe starting point would be 300 watts/4 ohm. The 3.6's are "clean power" hungry speakers. You have a nice sized listening area too!
I matched my 3.6 with CJ premier 140, and never had feeling need to more power. In the same time also owned 20R.
CJ 140 tube watts were to low for biggest Maggies.
I have got excellent results drove 20R with my Plinius 250 mkIV.
I am sure your Plinius will work well with 3.6
A Plinius SA 102 should have no problem driving a pair of Magnepan 3.6R or ML Vantage/Summit.
As Lak said ... but, if you want, you can get a second 102 and bridge them for a balanced 400 watts. The only problem with that is so much gain that the volume knob won't get much work. Neither will the furnace.
But with maggies more current the better.Maybe slightly less harmonics would be Brytston that in 4B ST (or better yet 7B monos at 500 wpc) you get close to a bech of 300 watts (rated at 250).SST series is better but not money del that a 10 year old or less Bryston with 20 year warranty.Ultimate would be 4 B ST and latter get matchinhg amp.Not sure you have to use their little p-latic passive crossover (no longer made but availible for $150).Ultimate would be two 4 BST's ($2500 to $3K) and marchand tube or Bryston 10 crossover/I'd like my freind to get 10B sub and put dul sat multi driver subs like Vabndersteen,REL,or Martin Logan.Not best for home theatre but make up incjes of large 15 or 18" driver with three small drivers and are therfore fast enough for plannar or elctroststcics in speed and pitch accuracy.But subs aside it you look at past 20 years B&W might have been number one selling audiophile speaker but many years Magnepan was the brand and more have been mated with Byston since they have such good synergy.Different speaker that required less current I'd say defintely go with Plinius (among worst for Maggies is Krell) but Bryston is best bet.Last they don't effect timbre or other sonics of speakersd like they do with conventional box speakers Sound Anchor stands are good buy because they allow for DOWNWARD angling of Maggies.Most speakers you want to tip up (as many speaker stands are made to do) but reverse is with dipole.And you might find real improivement in soundstage,broadening of sweetspot etc.
I have been driving my 3.6R's with a pair of Odyssey Stratos Extreme Monoblock SE's with great results.
i own the SA-102 (presently driving M/L Vantage's) and my room size is 14'4" x 23' x 8', prior to my M/L's i owned Maggies for twenty years. I think your SA-102 will do fine, it's ability to operate in high bias Class A will allow it to bring out the best in your Planar speakers. I can honestly say I have never heard a better amp at or near it's price point !!
Thanx for all the advice. Finally, I have ordered for a pair of ML Summit (dark cherry Bass unit and Black grill). Hope I wont regret!!!
You wont regret it... pair it with a tube preamp and like me, you will enjoy your Plinius SA102 and ML Summit combo!

Martin Logan Vantage Spire Ethos or Summitt are all powered for the Bass which takes a lot of burdon off the amp.A good quality amplifier of at least 150wpc into 8 ohms and 300 into 4 ohms is a well designed amplifier
tube amps a 80wpc or more would be fine as long as you are not playing over mid 90 dbs which is plenty loud.