Magnepan owners can you help OR do you need?

Hi all, hope all is well. I seem to have melted the Mylar panel on my left .7 speaker.
Magnepan is not servicing out of warranty products at this time, 4 month waiting time on new ones etc. 
I can't be the only Maggie owner with this problem right ???  (I hope not but I tend to have very "unique" problems, lucky me)
So, does anyone have a LEFT .7 for sale OR does anyone need to buy a RIGHT .7  
The speakers are 5 years old, cherry with white/cream grills (socks) I have the box and packing material.

The Maggies have been life changing and I need to fix this situation asap.
Thank you one and all for your help!!
Howie G - NYC

I hope that someone can help you with your dilemma, but this is not the forum for buying or selling.
"...I seem to have melted the Mylar panel on my left .7 speaker..."

Can you please explain that a little more. 
 Horrified to hear this op. I need to get off my rear end and get my set of 3.7i so I have a plan B in case I melt my 1.7  I will tell the lady this tonight and see how it goes over.  Seems a bit early in the season to be cranking up the fireplace isn't it?  Seriously,  bummed for you. 
Elaborate please. 
  Maggie’s are power hungry, love power!
how could a panel be melted, blown, or what you mention??

Well maybe melted is not the right word BUT the main panel is dead.The tweeter is just fine. I called my dealer who was talking to Wendel from Magnepan on the other line and relayed my problem to him.   They said that playing robust source material at loud  levels for prolonged periods of time (especially when out of warranty) can cause a failure.
They both suggested I move up to the 1.7's due to size of the room and my musical taste......
I was very happy with those .7's.....  : (
Thanks for all your help!HG -NYC