Magnepan Ribbons and Hearing Loss

Due to old age, my upper hearing is limited to only about 12-13 kHz, and of course the ribbon tweeters are capable of frequencies well beyond the human limit.

For me, are the 3.6 ribbons overkill? Or even a waste, like having a Ferrari and never driving over 45 mph?

Your thoughts?
MKH, I agree with Elizabeth. And look at it this way, you won't need to use the resistors some people insist on using to tame the Maggie ribbons. That said, there is nothing like an audition to answer your question.
If you ever downshifted a Ferrari at 30 mph, and tweaked that gas pedal for even a second or 2 and feel the wouldn't ask that question.
That's actually pretty good hearing from a test of that type. There is no doubt you would hear the effects from that tweeter.
Measurements I have seen indicate Magnepan ribbon tweeters appear to have substantial output at frequencies well below 10-12 khz where a lot of music occurs, so no doubt in my mind that benefits could be heard clearly even by most older ears.