Magnepans vs Quad 22L's..

Hi Guys, I currently am listeing to Quad 22L's and like them. However I have the urge to try some Maggies. I've read a lot of good things about them. I kind of live off the beaten path so previewing is tough. I'm thinking about MG12's or 1.6's. My main listening is blues with some classic rock and occasional guitar oriented jazz. Any comments on how they compare with the Quad's?

I feel unqualified to give you an opinion because I have not heard the 22L's or any of Quads "conventional" speakers.
I am only familiar with their 57's and 63's (electrostatic) since I own them.

But - since no one replied you yet - I'll say "something".

There are many "Magnepan Lovers" that are out there that are just as loyal as Quad Lovers (like me).
I will say this - If there were no Quads I would definitely have a pair of Maggies.
They are VERY Outstanding. (the newer ones).

DO NOT buy an older pair because the conductor (on the older ones) can sometimes separate from the film and they will buzz and sound horrible. (It happened to me)
I do not know if the new ones will degrade like that also in 10 or more years - they apparently fixed that problem, but only time will tell.

I'm just "guessing" that the Maggies will be better than any box speaker.
"Better" is subjective because there are people who actually like the sound of "Bose 901's"
There is a very different sound from a planar source and for the things "I" consider important in sound reproduction, nothing comes close to a planar speaker.

Listen to Maggies if you can - if you are near any.

Just curious - how much do 22L's cost?
Is there a reason you are not considering any of the electrostatic Quads?

Thanks for the input. The 22l's retail for $1600.00, can be purchased much less. Not sure electrostats would work in my system. I tried Martin Logans once and felt they needed more breathing room. I hear they can be difficult to drive also. I tried the 22L's and loved them, however a pair of Audes Blues were made available at the right price, they now occupy my room. I still have an unsatisfied urge to try Maggies someday, perhaps the MM12's(?)
Hi Beernut,

The 22ls are a great set of speakers, and maggies can be great too - but both have the comprimises, requirements, and limitations.

Maggies are harder to drive than your 22Ls, and require much more breathing room. the 22Ls will be more dynamic, and the maggies will be more transparent.

There's no right answer - really it's up to you which you like better, and which would work better logistically with your system and room.
I am a Maggie user, and I think that the MG1.6 is the best choice of Maggies for most people. It has later technology than the 1.2. Of course the MG3.6 with ribbon tweeter is supposed to be better, but costs a lot more, and may have reliability problems.

However, no one should buy Maggies without listening to them. The spatial presentation of a planar speaker is very different from what you are used to. You may love it, but some people don't. Best to find out before you put down the $$$.
Good Advice. I kind of live of the beaten path so listening auditions are tough.I've heard great things about the 1.6's, but you are correct-I'm used to dynamic speakers. Thanks for the input.