Man this is frustrating

I'm needing interconnects x 2 pair between TT and phono pre and from pre to amplifier. I'm decidedly mid-fi with a budget of under $500 for the 2 pair. VPI Traveler (found new on the cheap as the dealer is getting out of the 2-channel business), Mobile Fidelity Studio Phono, Rega Brio, Dynaudio Excite X18s. 

Looked initially at Blue Jean Cables and then read some not so good reviews. I'd love some solid suggestions and experiences.

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A great deal can be had on two 1 meter pairs of Audioquest Columbia interconnects at Music Direct. Retail $1000.00 for 2 pair. On closeout, $500. Here’s the link:
Whatever cable you buy that is brand new and for the turntable to phono preamp, try to find a way to burn it in elsewhere with regular 500mv-2v rms signals.

Tiny phono signals will never burn an audio cable in. never in this lifetime. This means any used phono cable is also suspect and probably not burned in.

TONEARM WIRING IS THE MOST GUILTY. Or tonearm cables terminated in DIN connectors, for the tonearm proper.

So the burn in has to occur via other means. Also, not to use burn-in hardware to do so, unless you can verify that after the given cable burner is used on a cable..that further changes will not occur in normal use (simply as this is the way the given cable burner is expected/known to function).

This needs to be done as a cable is usually first a bit sparkly and overly open in a very blunt fisted way, or said differently..overly expressive at the top at the same time it is obscuring real detail in the micro-fine transient spacial cues area. Crunchy, not clean.

Wow! Listen to that huge space!, we say when we put in the (actual) new cable....No, it’s crap and it’s destined to disappear and a more ’true’ space will reappear, later on.

Then (as the sparklies fade), the cable begins to sound dark at about the 20-30-40-60 hr area of burn in time..then it goes back to a more corrected Natural expression where no false detail is added to the highs and the dark obscuring bits go away..and the cables are generally nearing their proper balance as you get to beyond the 100hr mark of use and burn in.

This is VERY important for phono cables... as..if they are off ...and off in their sound qualities forever (signal is too small to ever burn the cable in), it will result in you trying to correct or adjust for what is a skewed lie, right at your source point of sound/signal creation.

This will cause you to build up a skewed and crap sonic scenario fix a mistake that is unrealized and right at the heart of your system.

Something that could have been prevented with a small amount of forethought and correct action.

This is important to me, on a personal level, and business this is the sort of problem that makes people think a particular item.. an amp or source device or cable is either too bright or too dark and what sometimes, or even most times...people are not doing things correctly and are making sonically skewed audio systems. Then blaming it on the things that are not at the heart of the issue... so it's going to be a circular ride for them. Forever.

We all make mistakes, all the time, and this one really needs to not be committed, as it is a critical one -- in the world of analog audio LP endeavors.

The Cardas Cross phono and a set of Cross interconnects used would fit that budget and would be a great combo as you upgrade table later if so desire, also the VPI phono is a great choice as it is wired with the same wire in your table/arm.
What make and model is the cartridge that you have? And how long do the cables need to be, especially the one connecting the turntable to the phono stage?

If it is a low output moving coil cartridge, the lower the cable’s capacitance (which is proportional to length) the better. If it is a moving magnet cartridge, that may or may not be the case depending on the particular cartridge.

Also, others who may respond should note that the phono stage in question costs approximately $250, while providing both LOMC and MM compatibility.

-- Al

Dynavector 10x5. Also obtained new on the relative cheap due to the company getting out of the two-channel business. And correct - the MoFi provides both MC and MM capability. And for $250 I quite like it's sound. 
The 10x5 is a high output moving coil cartridge having a rated output under the standard test conditions of 2.5 mv.  You may want to consider the Signal Cable Silver Resolution Reference Phono cable.  Assuming the cable would have a typical length (e.g. 3 to 6 feet or so) the 18.9 pf/foot capacitance of that cable should be suitable.  The Signal Cable line-level analog interconnects are also worth considering, for the connection between the phono stage and the integrated amp. 

Signal cable products have received a lot of favorable commentary here over the years, and the proprietor is a class act.  FWIW, also, my own experience with their products is just with some of their power cords, which I've been very pleased with.

Good luck.  Regards,
-- Al
The runs are short (1 to 1.5 meters). I also have a Budgie preamp but would likely need a step up transformer to use it with this system. 
Audioquest Columbias are nice. - Cardas doesn’t work well at all in my system. BlueJeans are really not audiophile quality.  They will tell you that cables make little difference if any at all....they are put together well, but.....
You could make your own. KLEI pure harmony ICs, solid silver wire from vh audio.. they sound amazing and cost $150/pair. If you’re interested, I can provide more info
I like to tinker. Why not try a DIY approach? It may not be what I use initially but I'm interested. 
 Stringreen please elaborate on why Cardas won't work in this application ? sounds like you have first hand information that may be useful to the OP. I think the Clear line would be something the OP should look into. Please share your observation. Thanks   
Duelund tinned-copper wire (DCA16GA or DCA20GA) with Switchcraft conectors, from Parts Connexion. If you don't DIY, they will construct them for you for a fee and they are still very affordable. As in like $150... search em here or at Jeff's Place blog. They are being sucsessfully used in systems that are far from mid-fi.
I see the VPI branded cables on here for cheap and Discovery Wire makes them  It is the same wire your tonearm is wired with.  I bought 2 pair here at different times for 100 for one pair and 150 for the other pair in 1 meter length. 
"I like to tinker ..."

Good for you, sir. Damn good.

But when you tinker, especially with cables, be aware that teflon insulation begins to break down at about 250C. One of the breakdown products is hydrogen fluoride, HF, a very toxic gas.

So, when soldering cabling with teflon insulation, be a little careful - I  use a respirator and work in a fume hood. Maybe it's overkill, maybe not. Mogami bulk cabling is available without teflon, which might work better for you if you don't have the facilities in place.

Anyway, I doubt if you can improve much on simple DIY cables using quality connectors (I prefer ETI). And nothing in my system is mid-fi.

By the way, Almarg is absolutely right about low capacitance cables.

RG58U Coax. It is easy to find at electronics shops and even ebay. It has a thick solid core copper center conductor and normal (as in not foil enhanced) thick copper braid shield. It's easy to solder, unlike many other types of coax.   

I have used Rean, Deltron, and Switchcraft (especially Gold HD 3502AAU) RCA plugs.

Terry9 - good to know 

I have a friend who repairs electronics for Wal-Mart (phones, bar code scanners, etc.). Former Air Force Senior Airman in electronic warfare (AWACS). He has about 11 years of electronics / soldering experience under his belt and I'll likely have his help in putting together cabling. My soldering skills are limited to shop tools where the quality of the connection is approximately "that'll do it, she'll hold." However, I'm up for learning, and playing around with this stuff is more than half the fun of it. 

I'm using Audioquest Water RCA cables with the DBS system from tonearm to phono preamp. Would these cables still benefit from burn in on my old "Duotech cable enhancer"?
I tried many interconnects up to $400/pair and the best ones for turntable to phono stage connection are Valab solid core silver interconnects sold on eBay at around $100/pair, assuming you are using an MC cartridge.  They are superbly shielded and dead quiet, while at the same very vibrant-sounding.
Many vibrant silver cables are energetic yet lack solid bass foundation. Never mind BJ and AQ. You will do far better to contact Jason Terpstra for some giant killer Virtue Audio Nirvana cables.  I am using them side by side with the likes of Sablon, Transparent Ultra, and Stealth Varadig on Goldmund and latest bel canto electronics and Mark and Daniel and Jas Orsa and REL speakers. Once broken-in they are open, balanced, dynamic, extended and clear as a bell. Had I known sooner, I could have saved a LOT of money. 

Phono cables only see a minute signal in normal use so never open up unless they are seasoned with a higher signal. I had one of those Duo-Tech things years ago. I can't remember if it was any good or not.

If you want to do it right, pay a cable manufacturer with a Audiokarma Cable Cooker to cook your phono ICs for a few days and then follow it up with playing them from a CD player or tuner set on static continuously for a week or so. If you are not willing to send them off, use your Duo-Tech and then do the CD player/tuner  thing for a week.

It will still take a while playing LPs even after that for them to fully settle.

Here's the recipe I use:

Instead of the teflon tubing in the recipe, I used a foamed Teflon tube from vh audio. It's a very interesting and ideal material. I think I have pics of my Interconnects in my system page for reference. The soldering isn't very difficult; the wires and surfaces are tiny, so you can't help but make a clean joint. There's no room for a mess!
My go-to source for interconnects & power cables is Signal Cable. Their prices are more than reasonable; built-quality & sound of cables more than satisfactory; and the guy who owns the place is tops in customer service.

Here's a link to interconnects:

I have 4-5 prs of Analog 2 interconnects (~1/2 of my desktop system is cabled w/them). 

IMHO Signal Cable is a "safe haven" for those who tire of the pricey and at times, arrogant feel of the "cable wars" in high end audio.
I have a "28 phono cable very similar to the Signal Cable Silver Reference mentioned above. The DIN connector is touchy and probably needs to be replaced; but it sounded fantastic before that. I could part with that if it helps.
Also, Zu Audio keeps auctioning off caples on eBay that can be had for a fraction of the cost. I just got a pair of 1 meter Wylde RCA cables for $35 including shipping.
Just ordered the Signal Cable interconnects. Thanks for the information and suggestions everyone. MY system, Cardas cables sound indistinct, tubby, fuzzy, etc.  I tried many versions...some are better than others, but I always can tell the Cardas sound in MY system.  They may work well in others', but not in mine.   I contacted Colleen Cardas who told me they had to break in....months later, they sounded as I describe.  I was always perplexed since I have an all Ayre system, and Ayre recommends Cardas.....oh well.
gyneguy.....DBS are always burned in...but what the seems you have the enhancer....go to it.
...for experimenters.....ClearDay Cables will send out their cable for evaluation with no money exchanges.  The cable is excellent on many systems - the owner is very nice.  Recommended.
Duder, buy used
Two $250. Interconnects  will never be better then a two used $250. Should be   getting almost $700 value.    If blue jeans
Interconnects sound that good there price would match there sound.   It gos for all. Except $2000.
 And up. IMO
Don't waste your money on expensive cables. Get yourself some cables from Analysis Plus and don't look back. I've tried many cables over the years (some quite expensive) and nothing sounds better to my ears, in my system, than Analysis Plus. I use them across the board,  IC's, speakers etc. Average pricing $80.00 to $120.00
I tend to agree with that statement having had both the Analysis Plus Pro Oval power cord and the Analysis Plus Copper Oval-In Micro interconnects in a super duper headphone system.