Manley stingray or Cary sli 80 sig

I have a nice tax refund on the way and want to replace my seperates with a nice integrated tube amp. I currently have a classe dr6 preamp and a dynaco st70 powering quad 11L speakers. The sound is nice and warm( I really like the tube sound) and am trying to decide if I should take the plunge to a Manley or Cary or upgrade to a fuller sounding pair of speakers.

My listening room is 10x10 and carpeted.

Has anyone owned both of these integrated amps and which one do you prefer and why? Any suggestions appreciated.
If you like the warmer sound you might prefer the Cary. My Manley Stingray is a lively sound, but there is more than one version. The later version has a lower power rating due to different output transformers and I have a feeling it is a mellower sound. You may want to check that out.
I don't know what speakers you would get for your 10X10 room.
Not to throw the post off topic but, have you considered the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum or Tempest Magnum? I own the Tempest and have heard the Cronus numerous times.Both are very musical amps.I use Tyler Acoustic 7U's with my Tempest and together they produce very "lifelike" sound.Either of these amps or the ones you mentioned in the OP,paired up with some really good monitors,would be great choice.Good luck.
I own the Rogue Cronus Magnum. It's got some nuts. I'm not a huge fan of how the Stingray looks. It's probably because I've seen pictures of EveAnna Manley who reminds me of my buddy Billy's lesbian sister Renie. I can't imagine turning Renie on when I want to hear some music so I went with the Rogue. I've never been happier and the Rogue is actually a heavier unit. That being said, I'm not into fat chicks. I would love to hear the Cary, although it costs an additional grand. I've never read any reviews that led me to believe that the Cary sounds any better than the Rogue. I'm sure the Stingray sounds great too, if you don't have an aversion to Manley women.
I'm not a huge fan of how the Stingray looks. It's probably because I've seen pictures of EveAnna Manley who reminds me of my buddy Billy's lesbian sister Renie.

Wow, I just realized that I've been going about it the wrong way all these years. I've stupidly been selecting my audio gear based on how it sounds. I never realized that I should have been choosing gear based on unfounded innuendo and undeserved character slurs. Silly me...
I have owned the original Stingray and the Rouge Tempest Magnum.

I preferred the Stingray by a wide margin for it's clear, sweet, and ballsy sound. Excellent bass for a 40WPC tube integrated. Tube magic is there in spades, maybe it's because of the EL84 tubes, but I found it very involving to listen to. Put some NOS Mullards in for the preamp tubes, and it is truly exceptional. It punches well above it's price point. Only downside IMO was lack of a remote. The latest version does have a remote, but is more expensive, and has less power. I have not heard it, so I couldn't comment on the sonics of the Stingray II.

I thought the Rogue was ok, but the most "untubey" sounding tube component I have heard. It was exceptionally transparent, but almost solid state sounding and a bit sterile IMO.

I have not heard the Cary.
Owning both, the Stingray in either Ultra Linear or Triode, with well-matched speakers will be the better economic and sonic choice for your room. Buy the Stingray and trade your Quad 11L speakers up for a something with more efficiency and dynamic range.

With the money saved on the Stingray and what you should get for your Quads, find a pair of Monitor Audio PL 100 or GS 10 speakers. Having a 10’ x 10’ room, you’ll have more than adequate sound pressure. Moreover, with a Stingray in Triode, you’ll have the added benefit of tube presence and more aural pleasure in listening.

If your room was larger, and you were starting with something like a pair of Genesis 7.1 or Paradigm Reference Studio Esprits, the Cary would be the answer. Just leave this as the next amp in your progression in sonic enjoyment.