Marantz 2270 overhaul

My first piece of audio gear was a Marantz 2270. As it happens I still have it, and plug it in from time to time. It still sounds better than some Best Buy gear, but it's getting a little more veiled than it used to and just seems to need an overhaul. I could just check and replace the caps and resistors and polish it, but I'm thinking of making some changes.

For one, I may actually upgrade the caps. Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone already upgraded the caps in this era of Marantz receiver?

I'll probably change out the binding posts. It's got the tiny and rather fragile, thumb operated pin slots. I've got other preference, but it seems like it would be easy enough to switch these to barrier strips. Any thoughts on other options for binding posts?

I'd also like the bypass the startup relay as this doesn't get used every day, and the relay never works when it's been sitting idle for a few months. Does anyone have any other suggestions for tweaks to the design?

I'm also planning to build a new hardwood case for the receiver. I've got the original case made from partical board with a veneer. It's in decent condition, but I enjoy wood-working, and could make something really nice. Any suggestions for the wood? Appearance is a large part of the motivation, but I'd like to at least somewhat consider vibration/isolation when considering materials.
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My local tech, who is great, and has been doing this over 30 years, says he will work on anything but a 70's Marantz. Just thought I'd mention this before you take it apart.
I tried to post the URL of a guy who sells rebuild kits but the moderators deleted it. I've done the rebuild on a 2230 and it wasn't easy. There are lotsa boards and they're wired tightly together. There's about a hundred caps that need replacing, so you'll need yards of solder wick. A few of the transistors will probably need to go, so be sure you can substitute old for new. And new LEDs just dont have that inviting 70's blue glow, but you can still find OEM replacement lamps on eBay. Good luck.
Oh, I've opened it up several times in the past. I know what I'm doing to myself; for some reason I still want to do it. I'm fairly certain this is a project that will last for a long time.
I think I've already found the guy you're talking about. He sells rebuild kits, LED mods, and specific replacement transistors (among other things).

This seems like a project that will fill plenty of my time without costing me an arm and a leg. I'm trying to give myself something to do that will fill my need for tinkering without messing with any of my main gear.
That sounds like the guy. And yes, it will take you a while :) Be careful desoldering. Those old circuit boards are fragile--the circuit print will lift if you get in a hurry. You might also want to look on the web for the wiring diagram; it was very helpful in my case. Cell phone photos helped a lot, too. It took me about a month, an hour or two each evening, to finish, but the effort and its result were well worth the time.
Yes, pictures and the wiring diagram(s) are definitely in my plans. Would you recommend just buying the rebuild kit? Or would it be fine to source parts individually?
Why bother sourcing on your own, unless you're looking for a more boutique approach? All the capacitors in the kit are Xicon, which worked fine. For as many caps as there are upgrading could get expensive. I did, however, upgrade my power supply caps to Panasonics.
I've already looked through that site and intend to take advantage of his resources. I've also found a guy who upgrades the preamp section, and there's a few other tweaks I'm going to try.

Thanks Calbrs03 and Nonoise for your interest and help. I may post this as a project over at audio circle once it truly gets underway.
Check out the Marantz Forum on site. It has a lot of info on vintage Marantz rebuilds and restoration. I recently did a 2270 I have had for a while, replacing most of the electrolytics with Silmic II caps and the sound is amazing.