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Does anyone know if it is possible to add an amplifier to use with my Marantz 4240 in quad mode? Does it have to be a quad amp also?
a marantz 4240 4 chanell receiver is rated at 40 watts per chanell in the 2 chanell mode. you can connect another power amp to it. if it's more than 40 watts per chanell you will use it to run the front chanell. in the back of your receiver turn the switch to 2 chanell operation. connect the front pre outs to your other amplifier. connect the rear pre outs to the front main in of your receiver. i had a 4300 with a phase linear 400 amp. the 400 powered the front chanells and the receiver powered the rear channels.

I had a Marantz SR5011 and MM7055 power amplifier. I sold them and purchased an ATI AT523NC 3-channel amplifier and Marantz AV 7702 mkii. There is a significant difference and I submit a better option than adding another Marantz amplifier. Of course it depends on how much money you want to spend. The new AT52XNC can be configured based on your needs.