Marantz SA-1 reliability problem

I ran across a few threads regarding SA-1 update on AudioAsylum. I blew a fuse a week ago on this unit. Since the fuse is concealed inside the power supply, replacing it would have voided the warranty. Living in California, I suspect this has something to do with the fluctuating voltage caused by the energy crisis since one of my friend who has the same unit suffered the same problem one month ago. Do any other SA-1 owners have the same problem?
Rdr4b: Where do you live in CA? I live in the LA area (West Hollywood) and have not been experiencing any fluctuations in voltage for the past four+ plus months. I am running the computer off of an APC device which sounds an alarm when fluctuations occur. We are home basically 7/24 and things have been very steady for quite some time. We are also on the myopic carrier, SC Edison. Is PG&E now experiencing problems? Otherwise it may be a localized problem (hopefully not as local as your equipment).
Hi, I live in Alexandria, VA (Washington DC suburb) and have had my SA-1 for 9-10 months, running it every day for at least an hour, and no problems w/fuses or anything else. We don't have the electrical probs LA has been having, however. don't you love your player? I play mostly CDs on it and couldn't be more pleased.
I live in Pasadena area and my friend lives in Arcadia (which is the next city). We had a couple of un-warned brown-out but none of those events cause the fuse to zap. Instead, I was almost sure that the unstable electricity has something to do with it since I did obvserve wall voltage dropping to around 100V during some extremely warm days.

Both my friend's and my problem took place while we switched on on the unit. The motor starts spinning normally for about 2-3 seconds, and then die, leaving only the 2 red LED on.

Hi, SC53,
Although the SA-1 kicks ass while playing SACD, I am using it more as a CD player since there simply isn't enough software available in the market that interests me. As it turns out, I found myself listening LP nearly 90% of the time.
Rdr4B: I'm glad you like the SA-1, I always like having my own opinions agreed with! Would something like the PS Audio P300, where you can pick the voltage you will be supplying the equipment plugged into it, solve your problem, at least with supplying a consistent voltage to the SA-1? I have seen many for sale on Audiogon for cheap, esp. if you buy it without the multiwave and fan, which are not essential anyway. The plain old sine wave sounds just great. I too listen to LPs a lot, and only have a couple of SACDs that I have listened to more than once (Willie Nelson, Stardust; and Herbie Hancock, Headhunters). Good luck with your electrical problem, I hope CA gets it together this summer, we are all to blame for an energy shortage w/our SUVs, air conditioners at full blast, multiple mounds of trash etc.
Here it goes again. My SA-1 blew another fuse. This time it was clearly not caused by surge. It was mis-loading the CD a few times and then all of a sudden, the whole unit dies, just like last time. Anyone with the same experience out there?
I read from AudioAsylum that there are TOC reading problems in both SA-1 and SA-14. Do they have the same transport ? Could other owners of these units comment on their reliability please ?
Just called Philips Service Center (who services the Marantz in the US) and according to the service tech, there is a Marantz memo for SA-1 regarding mis-read and fuse blown problem. There is suppose to be a minor part upgrade that should solve the problem. I will ship the unit in and post the result after I get it back. In case you would like to contact them, it is (Philips CE, 630-775-0990, 1279 W. Hamilton Pkwy, Itasca, IL60143-1150.
As a follow up of all my previous posts, my SA-1 was never fully functional flawlessly since it was returned from Philips Service Center. It wasn't until I finally managed to send the unit to Marantz Japan to get it fixed. Upon return, Marantz included a piece of ribbon cable and a fuze without any notes. I am not sure if Marantz was trying to tell that it was the ribbon cable that was causing all the problem. Now I am a happy chap.