Marshall Tucker band on vinyl?

Are there any good quality pressings (that are currently available) of Marshall Tucker Band? I am specifically looking for the song "Can't you see." I have checked the websites of acoustic sounds and music direct (among others). So far, I've only found one used copy with that song, but it was very scratched. Thanks.
I jjust looked on eBay and there's a sealed copy of their Greatest Hits released in 78 with your favorite song. Under $20 ........ Not bad!
Look around for a Capricorn pressing of the 2 LP set "Where We All Belong". A live recording with very good sonics, amazing guitar work from Toy Caldwell, guest fiddlin' from Charlie Daniels and a killer version of "Can't You See". I still have my copy and listen to it quite a bit. The '78 Greatest Hits mentioned above is a compilation LP from previously released tunes, it's good, but all those songs are the studio versions from "Searching For A Rainbow", "Long Hard Ride", etc. "Where We All Belong" is nice as it represents the band in their true element - live, with some really great jams.
You might want to check with Tom Port at DCC Blowout
I have a copy of that on Vinyl, but I dont think it is a really great pressing.
My pressing of Where We All Belong on Capricorn sounds great. The live version of "24 Hours at a Time" is worth the price of the whole record.
2 votes for the capricorn live pressing.. sounds like the way to go. i checked the dccblowout website and didn't see it, but now y'all have given me something to be on the lookout for. thanks!
The greatest hits lp sounds pretty good. Mine's in regular rotation. Live albums are usually a distinctly different animal from studio versions. If I could get a sealed hits, I would.
Yeah they had their moment in the limelight. I remember I saw them at a taping of Don Kirsner's Midnight Special,they did a WHOLE three song set!
Not to bring this one back from the dead. I listened to the
live Where we all belong last night. Agree with Slipknot1, that is an excetional recording and representation of MTB.
Great flute from Eubanks on Take the Highway too. This all IMO, of course. That said and for the record, no version of Cant you see exists on my Capricorn copy. I did go to CD Universe, and noticed a live Cant you See on their Searchin for a Rainbow. Not sure if this is a bonus track just for CD though. I will check out MTB at my record shop,
likely SF A Rainbow to see if it has that version.
carolina dreams is one of my favorite albums of all times.
Where I live we have a large bowling alley/bar.
every couple of years they hire who were once big name bands to perform.
the bowling gets sheets of plywood to cover the lanes,
it also gets a large,thick carpet to cover the plywood.
then a small stage is built in front of the alley pins.
this is a great place for a concert as you can get up to the front/center first 'standing' row much easier than a concert with a large venue with way more people.

*I know Im way off topic and rambling,but I feel like writing so please bare with me* :~0

anyway,Im sure most know how hard it is to fight and claw your way to front center. (I made it alive to front center at ozzfest)
Every big concert Ive been able to make it to front center,but one.
the 30 year annivesary tour Tom Petty and the heartbreakers.
I went to this concert last summer,but skipped the early june concert this summer
due to the sole fact, I didnt want to deal with the rowdiness of the ~50% teens that attended the concert last summer.
for the 2nd year in a row Pettys tickets sold out within ~ a couple hours.
So there were many or most that didnt have tickets.
I didnt know the concert was sold out, and knowing this venue holds 14000 people,there would be many tickets at the door.
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Im wondering if someone would like to answer this.
How can Petty who seems to be more popular than ever,have such a high teen fan base (goth's even dig him) some who are hardcore wearing petty T-shirts and able to sing word for word along with him on every sound,and be able to over pack the house,while other old but decent bands are now playing in bowing alleys in front of 500 peopleif they're lucky??

anyway, back to the bowling alley.
Ive been to 4 concerts there. the first was blue oyster cult. I've seen these guys 4-5 times,the first being when they opened for black sabbath who were on their paronoid tour in the early 70's
next came nazareth who sounded loud and proud,then the artimus Pyle band (ex drummer for skynyrd) then tucker who I had never seen before,even though they are still to this day one of my top favorite bands.

Now back to the topic, and I see Im still off topic. I thought you were looking for a audiophile CD.after just reading your post after my marathon post,I see you are looking for a audiophile LP.
Thankfully I can add to your post so my post wasnt a waste of time.

I once owned non audiophile (generic) LP copies of Carolina dreams and greatest hits.
I think I spent ~$1 tops each for both spanking mint LP's.
I had audiophile LP's which were mainly nautilus,DCC, some mfsl, + Japanese imports of different bands, but just generic copies of tucker.I had a 'speakers corner' pressing of 'crime of the century' I just remembered.
I dare say my generic tuckers sounded too close for compared compared to my audiophile and imports I paid a good buck for.
from what I remember,my genric tuckers sounded better then some of my $$ LP's.
Im out of vinyl now and Im all cd and sacd.
I have some $$ CD imports,but I dont think I have a audiophile CD import.
all of my 'generic' CD's have been remastered inc. my 2004 remaster carolina dreams on the 'shout'label.
This 2004 remaster is the best sounding cd I own. and Im talking my imports and sacds
It sounds so incredible I use it for a test cd to eval speakers and components.
I may be wrong,but from that I can recall,i'd wager this cd sounds at least as good as my old audiophile LP's
If all tucker cd's sound as good as carolina dreams,and Im pos they do,then dont take my world for it. ya can get tucker cd's cheap on ebay. Ya have to make sure its a remaster though. I bought 4 cd's off ebay that said they are a remaster but they werent.
I asked 1 seller why he auctioned as a remaster when it wasnt one.
he told me ebay has a data base for cd's that you can cut and paste into a auction, which shows the lable,original release date,year of remaster, etc and also has reviews of the cd's.
Im sure if anyone reading this and has shopped for cd's on ebay have seen what Im talking about.
This guy that sold me the cd that was suppose to be a remaster,blamed ebay for giving him false info.
I told him to look on the disc or inserts for the word'remaster and a date.
and sure enough it was a old cd.
so,anyone reading this that collects cd's off ebay,use exreme caution.
sorry for any errors in spelling etc. Ive typed for so long,any brain cells I have left in my brain are toast.

Vanderstephen my favorite Marshall Tucker Band LP Searching for a Rainbow has a live recording of Cant you see, the last cut. The rest of the LP is a super collection of studio recordings of Tucker songs and the sound is fantastic. I have several copies always looking for that hot stamper copy.
My pressing of Where We All Belong on Capricorn sounds great. The live version of "24 Hours at a Time" is worth the price of the whole record.

Dreadhead: right on! Listening to Toy and Tommy Caldwell play off one another on that tune is great, not to mention Charlie Daniels' fiddle playing.

As Siltrains points out "Searching for a Rainbow" is a good one too (Capricorn label). All my original Tucker Band pressings were in a box that vanished in a move a few years back, and I am always on the lookout for replacements.
Thanks for the confirmation on the live Can't you see on
Searchin for a Rainbow Slipknot 1. I will begina Searchin.