MartinLogan Motion 4 vs Gallo A'Diva

I have a fancy system and all that, but sometimes just want to listen to the news and that's an awful lot of power to draw from the wall just to casually watch nonsense TV or news type stuff.

My plasma has 6-8 ohm speaker outs, so I'd like to add some kind of super-small speaker at low cost. I've been running, in this form, some old cambridge soundworks and they have been fine, but are 15+ years old and the high end is super-tinny, basically unlistenable.

So I am wondering, I know this is lower-end than most of what goes on here, but I'd like to spend not more than these cost and am open to other models, but can't be more expensive or larger.

What do people think? I slightly lean towards the A'Diva at this point, but am not 100% sure.

This might actually be a common use-case, so maybe lots of you have thought about simple computer/tv speakers for non-super-high-end use. Note that several computer speakers don't quite go loud enough for this application - many of those are optimized for a 2- 4 foot listening distance.
And actually it would be the Motion 2 to keep size low. However, I may have found my answer. The Motion can't be had in white, and the speakers hide much better in white. So I may have to go with A'Diva as they can be had white.

Interesting note about the Motion 2 and 4 - the 4 is more expensive and larger, the 2 is less expensive and smaller, I would prefer more expensive and smaller :).

For the 4, the woofer port thingy sounds interesting.
Just use what you have? While you amp pulls some current, I doubt it pulls so much that the energy savings would offset the costs of the additinoal speakers.
It's like trading in a fairly new, good condition car to get a hybrid so you get 10mpg better mileage.
What about Orb speakers? I have a pair and they sound great for what they are. I have not heard the A'Divas but when I was researching I read comments from others where most felt that A'Diva Ti > Orb > A'Diva.
There's a pair of new white Gallo Due's for $750 at ebay, which would perform better than the A'Diva's.
I'll check that out! There are a pair of black ones here at a very reasonable price, but I placed some black thing here on the mantel as a test and can't do black.

I can get a sense of the total watts my system uses tomorrow. My wife works at home sometimes, as do I, and we are opt to keep some background music through comcast on at 30 or 40 db so the system can be on for 10 hrs per day, so its not like just 3 hrs at night max. Also my amp is pure Class A, so lots of watts. That said, it is a small Class A, not like some of the ones out there.

Orb looks cool, I like the idea of leveraging a high end company like Gallo, but yeah, I have heard good things about Orb. I have also heard things along the lines of the progression listed above, that sounds very reasonable.
Just saying, If I had those Maggies....(and system) I would be hard pressed to listen to a tv thru another speaker... : )
You may also find that the "tinny problem" is not the speakers, but the amp in the TV.
Yeah, I did some tests, and obviously the DAC/pre/amp in the TV is less quality than my main system, but I actually put the really old speakers on my main system, and they were really really bad.

I'm at just under 1000 watts everything running, and might add another amp (active bi-amping of speakers) which actually could be another 1000 watts. So that running all day many days adds up...

I really like the Due, and actually almost bought a dented pair from a local dealer last year for this purpose, but I think smaller is good. But, yeah, Due is a great speaker.

I'm strongly leaning towards A'Diva Ti right now.

As another experiment per the last comment, I may try to hook up Maggie 3.6s to the TV out. I have to get some skinny cable, however, as the TV out only takes something like 22 gauge wire. My Kimber 8 gage or whatever it is won't fit :).
I use the Gallo A'Diva (non-Ti) for my TV speakers. They are infinitely better than those in the TV...however, they reveal everything. Any static, or line noise is coming through, as there is no crossover to buffer this out. I am now using the Cambridge Soundworks Model 12 as the amp and sub for the setup, and a Grant Fidelity Tube Buffer. This has effectively filtered the noise. I know...a little excessive, but totally worth it! Plus it's another system to play with. :-)

Another suggestion is to get some powered speakers connected via RCA out, like the AudioEngine A2, Aktimakes, or B&W MM1s.


Nice speakers, why go backwards? Why not a very inexpensive used class D amplifier. Small and efficient.
I have a separate 2 channel system as well and bought the gallo in 5.1 for HT only. I have been using them for stereo while my serious speakers are being redone. The gallos are really good using a simple denon receiver with sonos input. Not equal to $10000 speakers but GREAT.
I just bought them! I am very very happy with them.

So - to explain again the rationale here - first of all, it is really really bad for tubes to be turned on and off many times (I think this applies to some tubes, not all, but I have the ones that are sensitive to turn on). A tube pre can last for many many years if not switched on or off many times per day. So I try to leave the tube pre on for the day once I turn it on. Maybe I want to catch 10 minutes of news while eating breakfast, do I then have to leave my whole system on all day? I can awkwardly reach around and turn off the Amp at least (the heat sinks sort of scrape your arm up a bit if you try that and aren't a gymnast), as a Class A amp left on all day ends up costing a pretty penny to electricity company, I do have a main system on/off switch, but then the pre goes off, and then on again later in the day.

There has to be a simple way to catch a half hour or 10 minutes of TV without getting a whole massive system involved. I might also come home late and watch 20 minutes of TV before retiring for the night, and again, why put the tubes through and on/off cycle for 20 minutes of TV (not music!).

So, my Harmony remote is programmed to have two AV modes: "Watch TV small", and "Watch TV large" - those becoming the words on graphical buttons. The 'small' routes the sound through the little speakers, changes outputs on my video scaler to accomplish that (perhaps equivalent to AVPre/Pro if you use one), and all is good. Watch TV large on the other hand, turns everything on and routes the AV sound through the main system. Of course there are other settings such as "Listen to CDs", etc.

It is wonderful to, with no additional watts, have simple sound for basic TV. It simplifies the system quite a bit. And on super hot days, one might not turn on a Class A amp until after 5, for example, or until direct sun is off the house, when it is high 90s outside. Lots of use cases for me.

And I don't take the electricity thing lightly. I'm at 355 watts using TV + video scaler + Cable Box (my Plasma is quite old at this point, and a new one should use 1/3 the watts of my current one I think), and at full go with everything its just under 1000 - so big difference.

BTW, off-topic random comment - for system integration I super-highly recommend the Logitech One. The 900 adds RF and the four colored buttons some Cable boxes or simlar require. Many go with the 8 times more expensive square/rectangle other remotes that are super high end, but the Harmony One has come through for me on all accounts. My wife can do anything with the system no problem once I got that configured right - and overall, assuming you have a few Saturday's to play with it, you can program it yourself and don't need the installers to come out for every little change like many do with the expensive square ones.

Anyhow, so far loving the A'Diva ti!