Matching pre-amp for Bryston power amp

I will be grateful for any suggestions as to a good pre-amp for my Bryston 4BSST power amp. This drives PMC IB1S speakers. Cables are Eichmann Express 6 I.C. & speaker. CD front end is Marantz player used as transport into a Musical Fidelity Trivista 21 DAC.

A matching Bryston BP20 preamp is a possibility but their preamps are not as highly regarded as their power amps. I also think I would prefer a tube pre-amp.

Someone has suggested either a Rouge Audio Magnum 99 or something from the Octave range. Oh yes, and remote control would be nice!

Any help & suggestions would be gratefully received. Many thanks.
There are a number of tubed preamps that would fit the bill but don't discount a Bryston preamp. The BP-20 doesn't have a remote so you would have to look at the BP-25 or newly released BP-26 (guts are the same as the BP-25 but it has a new face plate and matching upgraded power supply, check Bryston website for details). I owned a BP-25 with my 4B-ST and I have owned both Rogue Magnums (66 & 99) with a 4BST & 4B-SST as well as a Hovland with my 14B-SST preferring to have a little "warmth" that some tube designs can provide but then thats just my desired outcome. But seeing as you already have a tubed dac then its quite possible that the BP-25 or 26 for that matter might be the ticket. Bryston preamps are dead nuts neutral (IMHO) and are very revealing of upstream components. Don't be afraid to try one out and sometimes they can be found quite cheap right here...
And the innards of the 20 are the same as those of the 25. The only difference is no remote on the 20
Am using an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A (current model) with a Bryston 2B-LP and it sounds just fine. The Bryston never sounded better.
Your comment in the first sentence of the second paragraph of your post is revealing. Have you actually listened to the new Bryston BP-26 preamp in your system, or are you ambivalent about doing so because some audio equipment reviewers didn't give it a rave review? I don't mean in any way to sound critical, but with the overall quality of your system, the best advice is: audition the finalists in your own system, AND trust your own ears.

I also own Bryston equipment (see description of my system), and I also have been thinking about adding a good tube preamp, primarily for use with my analog front end. (The other option is get a much better phono preamp than my Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE, and run the signal through the analog bypass circuit in my Bryston SP-1.)

My recent auditions of several tube preamps have reinforced my previous conviction that the "audio quality" differences between a good tube preamp and a good solid state preamp have narrowed considerably in the past five years. One of the preamps (and phono preamps) that I am auditioning (on Wed, Jan 19th) is the Aesthetix Calypso linestage preamp, and its' companion phono preamp, the Aesthetix Rhea (I may post my impressions here on A-gon). Before I make a purchase, however, I also want to hear several good solid state models, and the Bryston BP-26 is certainly on that list.

The January 2004 issue of TAS listed the following preamps in its "Recommended Preamps" list (starting at $2000, and going up to $7500, in order by increasing price):
1. Audio Research SP16L ($2000) (tube)
2. Musical Fidelity A308 ($2400)
3. Meridian 502 ($2600)
4. EAR 864 ($3000) (tube)
5. Herron VTSP-1A ($4000) (tube)
6. Placette Audio Active Linestage ($4000)
7. Sim Audio Moon P-5 ($4300)
8. Aesthetix Calypso ($4500) (tube)
9. Pass Labs X1 ($5900)
10. Hovland HP-100 ($6500)
11. Wytech Opal ($7500)
I've used a BP-25 with my 3B-ST and my 3B-SST. A few months ago I replaced it with a PS Audio PCA-2 (with optional power supply), and I'm still in love ...
I currently use a BAT VK 3ix with a 4BST. In conjunction with the VK P5 phonostage in the analog front end. The Bryston and BAT gear have provided many evenings of listening pleasure. I would suggest trying a BAT VK 3i. They have good resale value if it's not your cup of tea.
I liked the Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS with a pair of 7B-ST's that I spent some time with. There are many good suggestions posted here and no perfect answer. Try one and if you don't like it, try another.
I currently own the Bryston 4BSST and the BP-20 combination. They work very well together. I have been auditioning the SAS Audio 10A during the past couple of weeks. It is a wonderful tube linestage that has great synergy with the Bryston amp. I recommend you give it a listen
Solentgreen, I have a 4Bst and have tried various preamps. You mentioned the Rogue 99 Magnum; a preamp that I bought new. Let me first say that the Rogue is a nice sounding preamp and is well built peice of equipment.

But having the opportunity to audition other tube preamps within my system, I was not happy with the purchase of the Rogue. Its sound was to close to solid state with a slight touch of tube presentation, and it was very, very microphonic.

I am currently using a Cary SLP98L and this is a great sounding preamp to match the the has the tube magic that the Rogue was lacking.

My 2 cents......good luck KEK
Thanks you guys for all the feedback. It’s much appreciated.
The one point that really struck home is not to be prejudiced with magazine reviews and to listen & decide for yourself. I will do that & keep you all posted.
Thanks again.
I have owned both the Bryston BP26 and Hovland HP 100 but unfortunately I was not using the same power amp for both.
(with the Bryston I was using a modified/upgraded Moscode 300 and with the Hovland I am using a Bryston 4B SST 2. My general take is that the Hovland is slightly warmer but slightly noisier than the BP26. (however the Moscode for all of its attributes wasn't the quietest amplifier I have used in the past while the Bryston most certainly is) If convenience is a factor the Bryston has a remote and one of the best warranties in consumer electronics. The Hovlands construction can only be described as sublime. The bottom line is that both of these preamps are built by great companies and will provide you with many years of wonderful service. Probably the best advise that I could impart is to listen to both units in your own system/setup to come to the most logical decision in which one to choose.