Mating sub(s) with Maggie 1.7i

Have pretty much talked myself into trying these, should be fantastic for maybe 70% of my listening. Think I will miss the next octave for the other 30%, sooo …

Everyone talks about adding subs, but also the challenge of integrating coherently, and May toss out a few favorite models (Rel, JL, etc).

Easiest May be adding 2 DWM panels, but they really don’t go much lower, and almost as expensive as the speakers themselves.

I have the ingredients for a (Acoustic Elegance AE15) 4-driver 15” infinite baffle sub (Or 2x2) … I am thinking an IB would be a great match, generally very tuneful and fast, sometimes cannot tell there is a sub there, just extended FR.

I also have the ingredients for a single 12” sub of whatever design. Its a well-regarded Adire Shiva, and I used to use in a sealed 88 liter configuration … very tuneful and fast, integrated pretty well.

And of course, there are any number of manufactured subs out there.

Your thoughts on which path to trod?
Well, on one hand, I think your AE15 idea would mate beautifully with the M1.7's.

On the other hand, a commercially available pre-built subwoofer would give you the opportunity to quickly try a sub out in the system and if it didn't meet your criteria/what-have-you, you could return it (and eat the restock fee and shipping).

I've heard the DWM panels, and while they mate well, they're huge and don't really give you true subwoofer punch and grunt.

Guess that's not much help, is it? LOL....

Glad  my tech geek put a  Cancel Order on my Magnepan Project.
Saved me lots of cash,  and  head aches.
I am runninga  wide band along with my Thors and I can not  tell you how fantasitic this speaker + speaker set up sounds,. 
Bass/mids/highs, all fully represented in stunning resolution.
Have the bigger brother to the wide band arriving next week, CANT WAITTT!!!!!!
@coralkong , I do have an SVS SB1000 Pro still in the box destined for my living room (mostly aesthetically-driven … could schlep that upstairs if/when I get the Maggies and maybe tells me something.
But like you, I think an IB is the ticket.
And @mozartfan must say I’m not sure of what you speak, but I’ve been on the fence about newer full range speakers vs these (haven’t bored this thread readers with tales of my Polk SDA-SRS2 vs new LSAs vs …), but do think I will need to augment their low end if I’m not happy with narrowing my music selection.
 Check out the open baffle subs from gr research.  They use rythmik servo plate amps.  
 A sub on each side would be sweet, so 4 drivers total.

I have been listening to LRS’s with a velodyne hgs-10 sub placed behind me.  Sublime listening experience.  First pair of maggies and I am really enjoying them