Mccormack DNA-225 platinum

Over the weekend I purchased a Mccormack DNA 225 platinum for $400 at an estate sale along with a set of Vandersteen 5 speakers. I knew that Mccormack amps had a good reputation and only realized that it was a platinum when later when I set it up. I can't find much info on the platinum upgrades. Does anyone here know what was upgraded and what it means? Also what would a 225 with the platinum upgrade sell for? sorry for my basic questions. 
Pat usually answers the phone and can give you all the info you need.
And, good call on the Vandies...
Bob - thanks I'll give the a call as I'd really like to learn more about them. Also does anyone know what the going price is for a Mccormack DNA 225 with the platinum upgrade?
The Platinum could mean a variety of things, but it typically included a Platoon transformer, upgraded internal wiring, caps, and rectification.  Plus, it could mean better connectors.

You did good on the price because you may be able to get up to $2k for it.  However, there is one big "if".

If the work wasn't done in the last few years, then the driver board probably want replaced.  This will have to be done soon because the existing board is nearing the end of it's useful life and t some have been showing issues.  You'll still do fine financially because you got it so cheap... Still more than double your money depending on what was done previously.

Call Steve to get more details on that exact serial number.
Typos in the above reply... It should say "Plitron transformer" and "driver board probably wasn't replaced"
Looks like a great find. Those two are really good examples of Audio Excellance. Happy Listening. I have Vandersteen and used to own McCormack gear.
Thanks everyone. I called up McCormack this morning they confirmed that they made considerable upgrades to the amp fairly recently including upgraded connectors,and that the driver board should be good for a long time.

They were super nice and really helpful. Amazing customer service. 

I don't plan on selling the amp as long as I have the 5's. I was more curious about its actual worth. 

Did McCormack tell you the year your amp was produced? Keep us posted as you massage into your system.  Happy Listening!

Did you ask about the impedance output?
You need that to set the M5-HP's,
And, I think you got a great deal. As far as the actual worth, that is another matter. Usually, even though it may have cost the original owner $3K+ to upgrade, the actual resale would be much less (as you have discovered). So, by buying 2nd hand, you have saved a considerable amount and gotten a super system.
@jafant  - He said it was extensively updated in the last five years. I'm not sure when it was originally produced. 

@gdnrbob - 10k is the impedance output - My filter goes that low (just checked a photo I took). I'm going to try it tonight and see if it works. 
Def understand- I'm not planning on selling the amp just enjoying it with my new (to me) speakers. 
@mzwerner - WOW! I am running a similar system to yours. I have a pair of cloth Quatros I picked up just shy of a year ago, and had a DNA 0.5 GOLD upgrade done by SMcAudio this last April 2018, both a tier shy of a DNA225 Platinum and Vandy 5's. The sound is amazing. You happened into a wonderful combination KEEP IT!

The only problem with that equipment is, it shows you everything, good and bad. You will now be able to more clearly hear differences in cabling, source, etc., which can be good and bad. I liken an amp/speaker combo equivalent to a window... you just got some very clear windows, great stuff looks GREAT, and things you believed might have been good when you didn't have clear windows don't look that good now that you can see it more clearly. An example is, I have 2 SPDIF/Digital Coax cables, a Monster Cable, and an MIT. When I listened to them on my old B&K ST-202/Vandy 2C combo, I believed the Monster Cable was a better cable. With the DNA-Gold/Quatro combo, it was "clearly" obvious the MIT is the better of the two cables. It can be very disappointing to find out that some of these ridiculously priced cables, etc. actually do sound better.
@Kmckenn - just replied to you on the other thread. But, wow we do have nearly twin systems. 

So far at least everything sounds great or at least better than my old setup (which I also loved) I have some cheap monster cable. The Mccormack came with an anticable 3 power cable, which I'm using. I also have some extras that came and didn't fit on the vandy subs so I'm just using stock power cords. Should I get an adapter for them to work with the vandy's or sell them and keep stock for the vandy subs? 

As far as cabling goes, I would recommend Audioquest.
AQ and Vandy just seem to work hand in hand. In fact Mr. V. uses AQ for internal wiring of his speakers, as well as the pigtails on the crossovers.
Garage sale find of the year!
Since SMc already confirmed it you know it has been upgraded but you might also pop the top and look for writing on the underside since Steve typically signs and dates all the upgraded pieces.  If you post a picture of the inside, folks here can probably chime in on much of what has been done.  

If you haven't seen this;
@gdnrbob - Audioquest cables it is!

  Thanks so far the amp and the speakers sound amazing. So I'm a happy camper. 

Steve signed the back that's how I found out the 225 was platinum. I'll check the bottom tonight. 

attached is a link to a bird's eye view of my amp:
You are a lucky garage sale shopper.
If the picture is your amp, I am pretty sure I see a Plitron transformer and a couple of Jensen (or Lundahl) transformers on the inputs.  I can't see much else from the picture. 
@mitch2 Thanks - I’ve got everything up and running and the V5 - Mccormack combo sounds amazing.

The picture is indeed my amp - good eye - per the guys at Mccormack the transformer is a Plitron and they also mentioned Jensen.

The 225 is signed on the back by Steve and says Platinum he upgraded it in 2013.

Also do amplifier stands make any real difference? 

I appreciate everyone’s help.

Well, anything that mitigates vibration and other outside influences will certainly help with making more coherent sound reproduction.
Stillpoints, solid maple shelving, or Ayre blocks are known to help with this.
An inexpensive place to try some of this is Herbie's Audio Lab.  
Great advice from @gdnrbob!  Herbie's products are effective, well made and reasonably priced.