McIntosh-Keep the Classics or Sell for Newer Gear?

I'm intersted in your opinions. I've got some great classic McIntosh gear - MC2300 power amp, C32 preamp as well as great MR7083 tuner. All in good shape cometically and functionally. All the gear is single Dad...and now I'm the proud owner. I'm really happy with the performance I'm getting. Has given new life to my music collection. But am I missing out on an opportunity? Question for any die-hard McIntosh fans...should I hold on to the gear and just be thankful I can call myself a McIntosh owner? Or would I be better off selling and use the money towards a more modern...but affordable integrated solution from McIntosh (ex. MA6600 or MA6300)? Any words of wisdom out there?
Having owned several Mac products including a MC2300 and currently a MC402 Id say your amp cant compare....but having said, that since its yor fathers Id keep the stuff,use it until funds allow for better gear and maybe passed it along to your offspring..IMO
I would keep it forever given the source, but I would have to say if they weren't from your Dad I'd dump it all, capacitors don't last forever....
Hold on to your dad's gear, that's something you can't replace. It has also given new life to your collection. You can always buy a 6900, 6600, 6300 or whatever the number maybe...
I had some vintage Mac gear as an original owner (MC 2205 amp and C28 pre amp). I used it for many years. If you have an emotional attachemnt to it keep it, but I would recommned taking it in for a service check up. That being said, I finally sold all my Mac gear for the same price I paid for it and upgraded with used gear from this site and haven't looked back (I do have a lot of fond memories with my Mac gear).
Keep it. I just finished acquiring vintage C22 and 2 MC275's and plan to give to my son when I leave this Earth. Vintage only gets better. We can always buy new.
I have vintage Mac gear...MC250, MA5100,so on. I recently auditioned new Mac...6600 or 6900,2275 integrateds and MC402. The newer Mac gear is more detailed, faster and more highly powered but still has characteristics of the older gear I have...a little warm and music just sounds right. I really liked it thought it pricey but ultimately, my intent is to upgrade but retain the older equipment as bakcup. I bought the stuff myself as a mature adult so its not sentimental...I just like the sound sometimes. I ahve other equipment that I rotate in and out but I always seem to come back to the Mac stuff. Sort of depends on what you want for peformance AND what you feel for sentiment. Just my $.02
Keep the gear. Take it to a trusted electrician and upgrade the electrolytic caps in the signal path to modern audio grade such as Nichicon fine gold or Elna silmic II's. I've done this to three SS amps with great results. Caps wear out regardless of manufacturer. First thing I noticed with a cap repacement is less listening fatigue and overall smoother tone. What I do is remove the top cover write down all cap values, purchase the replacements, then take amp and caps to my electronic tech for replacement. If you run silmic II's the burn in time is 100 hrs and they do take every hour of that to finally blossom.
If you're happy with the performance I say hang on to it. I agree with Ces4x4 as far as keeping the equipment up to snuff. As far as taking the top cover off and writing down the cap values, the tech is going to be in there anyway and modern caps are generally physically smaller than old caps (the Elna Silmics are rather closer to the older sizes...). If the tech procures the parts and something goes wrong and takes something else out with it he's more likely to remedy the situation at no/less cost to you,than if you provided him with parts from an unkown source. Plus there are cases where experience dictates replacement with say a higher value or voltage, or a different type of cap altogether- perhaps a bipolar or film cap in certain instances.
Hang on to it, but as far as the C32 is concerned, DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO EVEN OPEN THE COVER IF IT WORKS FINE.

Explanation: The C32 was McIntosh's first and only product to incorporate the then new Ribbon Cable technology, and the mfr of said cables was new and inexperienced: a ribbon cable (formally known in electronics as a FFC (flat flexible cable) is a flat ribbon of conductor laminated between two layers of plastic to form a wide paper thin cable with either pins or tinned conductors at either end).
GUARANTEED, the ribbon cables inside the C32 will be delaminating from heat and poor manufacture and once removed for service will split wide open like a ripe banana and be IMPOSSIBLE TO REINSTALL.

McIntosh NO LONGER CARRIES THESE proprietary cables nor are they available anywhere else(the new stuff is far finer/thinner and has more conductors, etc). I oughtta know: my first Mc was a C32 I bartered a computer repair for and spent over 400 hours hand making new cables for it so I could sell it on eBay. NEver again would I touch a C32.

McIntosh Service Authorized since 2005, so I speak with some background.
You make mention of the MA6600, absolutely love mine. With Mac gear you can't go wrong either way. But...having your Dad's gear is special. As it is working, buy some new music and add a new piece or two when funds permit and continue the legacy.

Happy listening.