Mcintosh mc 252 or Odyssey Stratos Monos Extreme?

A little help from you guys. I want to upgrade my current system and I think my pre-power set is the weakest part of it: Audio Aero Prima (2005), pre Odyssey Tempest Extreme, power Odyssey Stratos Stereo (w/ cap upgrade), Anthony Gallo´s N.R. 3.1, VdHul Inspiration (speakers), Supra Sword (CD to pre), Fusion Audio Predator (Prima), PS Audio Perfect Wave AC10 to my brasilian conditioner (AC Organizer LC 311). I listen to jazz, classic, rock, lounge, (sometimes LOUD...), and I love a detailed and controled bass (what is lacking IMO in my room). I´m satisfied w/ the current warmth, detail, soundstage and musicality of my system (the Gallos creates a fantastic soundstage IMO). I know that there are systems 10 times better than mine and I´ve heard some of them, but unfortunately they will exist only in my dreams, as I cannot afford them... My concern now, is to have better dynamics and better bass. I have an acoustcally isolated room that measures 4.9 x 4 x 2.6 meters, and the system is set along the larger wall (and, yes, I´ve already moved the speakers a LOT to get the best bass possible).
I would LOVE to have a Mcintosh gear in my system, but the cost-effective ratio is crucial to me (remember my low budget...). I mean, if the diferences are subtle between both amps, I´ll stay w/ the Odysseys´monos since they are cheaper, but if you guys tell me the Mcintosh is in another level (as I suspect), I can make the effort to have it. One concern is the supposed "lack of bass" of the MC 252 that would be "lean" according to some reviews I´ve read about it. (Would he Odyssey´s Monos Extremes be better in this regard?). Another doubt is if the Tempest would be an acceptable match to MC252 or if I must buy another pre (in that case, it must be a Mcintosh?) to get a decent sound out of it.
Anyway, I´m planning a to make a trip to the USA and bring the new toy personally to Rio de Janeiro - Brazil were I live.
What do you guys think about it? Any tip or suggestion will be highly apreciated.
Thanks in advance, and forgive me for the HUGE post.
Edwyun, two main reasons for me to desire the Mcintosh:
1>I´ve heard a system on a high end show here in Brazil a couples of years ago, that consisted of my current player (Prima 2005), my current speakers (Gallo´s Ref 3.1) and between them, a brasilian high end pre-amp (Audiopax Model 5) and a Mcintosh MC 402, all linked w/a couple of high end expensive cables. Although I have the same speakers and player, and my room is better than the one I heard that system on the show, I cannot get the same result w/ my current set up: my system simply doesn´t sound that good.
2>Since I started this hobby about 10 years ago, the Mc´s continue to be a kind of "dream" to me. I cannot think of another high end gear that can beat the Mcintosh´s in terms of classy look, beauty, 'status', etc (IMO...).
But, as I stated in my thread, I won´t pay more money for the dream, classy look of a MC 252 (the MC 402 I cannot afford) if it doesn´t sound clearly better than the Odyssey Monos Extremes since it is more expensive than the Odyssey´s. If there is anyone that has heard both amps and can post an opinion, that will be perfect.
First impressions like that can definitely have an effect. I've just never been too impressed with MAC's.

Is there any way for you to audition the MAC's at home? That would be the real test.
IMO and this is coming from a Mac owner, If you cant afford the 402 either wait until you can or look at the Pass X150.5.More power,better bass control,musical,plus the customer service is better.Never liked the 252!
Edwyun, unfortunately it is not possible for me to have the Mac at my room for a real test. There is only one Mac dealer in Brazil and it is far from Rio. They usually don´t have demo gear, if one makes a purchase, then they will import the item. Besides that, you guys wouldn´t believe if I told you the prices asked for Mac gear here in Brazil... For you to have an idea, the 252 costs more than $11000 at this dealer! Yes, you read 11000+ dolars! This is a third world country man...
Mission, in fact, my dream amp would be the MC402 as I heard it w/ exactly my current set up (to be honest, I bought my Prima and the Gallo´s NR 3.1 because of that system, demoed by the time of the Gallo´s Ref launch here in Brazil). Unfortunately I cannot afford it nowadays, that´s why I asked about the 252 and how it would compare w/ the Odyssey´s monos.
Why dont you buy used off this site..$3500-4000 low hours/minty..Cant imagine shipping would be more than 500.Blows away the 252 in all areas and im guessing in a short time youll be shopping for another amp if you go the 252 route!
Maybe I should wait until I can afford the MC402 then (What would definately be a sort of a 'dream fullfilled' to me). But, if I decide not to wait, do you guys think the Odysseys would be a better option than the MC252?