McIntosh MX 130 as a 2 channe preamp tuner

I am thinking of building up a second system for my office and I have looked around at used equipment. The MX 130 looks like a pretty good value as just a stereo tuner/preamp. Stereophile B with a 7083 tuner to boot. Any thoughts or opinions on this?

It is overkill but the MX130 has a pure staero pass thru thet also gives you bass/treble control. I would say that if can't find a cheaper and smaller unit the MX130 would be great. I have had lost of McIntosh thru the years and it never disappoints
You may want to look for an MX118. It is exactly what you are looking for, without the overkill. They aren't as common as the MX130 however and so may be hard to find.
Ive owned both, MX118 is an excellent piece. However for a couple of hundred dollars you get all the extra features plus the very important Phono stage, and THX with the MX130 should you want to switch to HT ( not available with mx118 ). Best of luck.
check they have a lot of McIntosh they may have the 118. They also check everything out. They are a bunch of retired McIntosh employees.
I have an Adcom GTP-500 II. I have always dreamed of a McIntosh MX 130, get one for me please.
I owned a 130 and liked it, but it is not one of Mac's top tuners. It's not bad by any means but if you have a station with IBOC noise caused by HD radio this tuner does not handle it well. If your favorite stations don't have HD broadcasts you should be fine. That said, the 130 is wonderfully convenient and flexible. As a "video control center" it is obsolete so it is a bargain as a tuner/preamp. I am a tuner nut and I upgraded but most folks would be happy with an MX 130.
price wise, i went with the mx132 with the tuner module. i bought it from audio classics. i was looking for a pre-amp tuner that would match my mc602. most of these were the older models. so i settled for the home theater unit.

This is truly a sleeper product as a stereo preamp! Although the av capabilities are obsolete, it has numerous inputs, a 7083 fm tuner, smooth quiet controls…a great sounding rock solid two channel preamp! What a bargain!