Mega-Speakers from Linn Audio....

Anybody else see these speaker ads all over Audiogon? I'm curious what other members think about the speakers, company, their amps etc...

Some links:
"sensitivity is 97-107 db" (hmm?) "The power capacity is 1000 watts".
Anyone want to annoy their neighbors?
Here are a few things I see wrong with this.

1) They are selling a $150 Dayton ADA-150 for $1,950 with the dubious claim of "upgraded" parts.

2) They are selling a Behringer A500 which is normally $200 for $3,500 again with the claim that they "asked them [the manufacturers] to make some modifications" to "bring them all the way up to high-end specifications".

3) To name a company Linn Audio and sell stereo gear when there is already a well-established audio company by that name is certainly infringement.

Even if you completely ignore the questionable sonic qualities of their products, it seems to me that these facts amount to fraud.

I would contend that, while Audiogon is not liable for the products, claims, etc. of their advertisers, they do have a responsibility to avoid supporting organizations whose intent is to take advantage of Audiogon members.


I suppose there are plenty of inexpensive products that benefit from mods (Oktava microphones come to mind), but a Behringer amp? Really?

No street address listed. No local phone number listed. Their primary dealer is in another state?

As far as their return policy goes, a 15% restocking fee is still a pretty healthy chunk of change considering what these products cost.
Geez - they say thatcopycats are the greatest form of flattery - its quite easy to see where Mr. Linn got some of his inspiration. Reading the Linn Website his wording is almost copy/paste of ours, be a little more original- really! - and good luck with it.

Peter B Noerbaek
PBN Audio / Montana Loudspeakers
pbnaudio dot com
Peter, that is exactly what I thought when I saw the speaker. (BTW your stereophile ads freak me out a little bit, I turn the page and boom there you are staring at me in that hat ;-))

My guess is that they haven't made enough of a blip on the radar for the real Linn to notice, and/or there might already be something in the works legally. I can't imagine they would let this guy operate with that name uncontested.

As for the Dayton amp you would think for the $1800 premium they are charging they would at least change the rca jacks and binding posts (yeah OK 8^0). Makes you wonder what kind of crossover is in his speakers.

Lovely, just lovely.

Chris Kline
Tel Wire
One other thing that is a bit fishy...

If you go to this URL:

You will see that it says:

"The suggested retail price is: $ 59,500 per pair"

Then, if you go to this URL:

it says:

The suggested retail price is only $ 29,500 per pair

Hmm... Which is the real "suggested retail price"? That's a pretty big difference : )
Hi John K

Im not :-) I just think the copy paste thing on the Linn Website is over the top.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's quite put off by this Linn Audio outfit. I can't believe they choose to usurp an existing well respected audio company's name. I hope no audiophiles get the companies confused, but I fear that some will, alas. I've been quite unimpressed that one of the audiophile mags (I can't remember which if the two..) has been featuring their ads; were I in charge of advertising I would have declined their custom.