Melos repair

Does ANYONE do repairs on Melos gear? I have a SHA Gold with a noisy headphone output. Everything else works wonderfully. Feel free to email or call me. David Goodman 832-754-6692
I don't know personally of anyone, but I believe that the man behind the Laufer Teknik Memory Player (Mark Porzilli) was the designer of the Melos electronics.  It's a long shot, but you might try to contact Sam Laufer at Laufer Tekniks to see if he can be reached and also if he can handle the job (it may be a long time turnaround) or suggest someone who can do the job.  Good luck.
I was at Deja Vu Audio in VA last week they had an old Melos Dac in one of their rooms presumably they'd done work on it.
Could you describe the noise and when it occurs? Is it only when you move the cord or jack, or is it noisy all the time?