Michigan - Any Interest?

If you are a Audiophile or Audio Enthusiasts in Michigan, leave a post stating your location, whereby those in your area can contact you if desired.

This hobby is more fun with others to share and compare with!

I live near Kalamazoo, which is a little less than an hour south of Grand Rapids.
Located in South Lyon but spend a lot of time in Kazoo have daughter located there. We have a group tha meets in my area which is near Ann Arbor and Brighton that meets every second Sunday of the month to listen to each others gear. If your interested let me know.

John Lendel
I live in Flat Rock which is south of Detroit. I switched from tubes to solid state but I am not anti-anything when it comes to good 2 channel music. No interest in multi-channel. I also believe this hobby is more fun when shared.
I live in South Rockwood. Midway between Detroit and Toledo.
Most of my Audio Equipment was Purchased used thru internet Classified.
I Own Krell Amp, Meridian CD player Melos Preamp and Legacy Focus speakers.
Been buying interconnects, power cords and speaker wire thru the net recently.
Hey, fellow Michiganians (Michiganderans?)! I live in Livonia (10 miles West of Detroit)and have an SET driving (so to speak) Proac 2.5s. I need help with understanding how to blend in a subwoofer. Or should I buy another used SET and bi-amp? My speakers are set up for this. I need more solid and clear bass response.
Would love some feedback in setting up Martin Logan speakers. Also, knowledge in room acoustics. Drop me a line if interested. I live in Royal Oak Michigan
Ilive in Canton.My eqipment consist of Muse model 8Transport Muse296d/a Audible Illusions Modulus3A pre/amp amp and Aragon amp.Right now I have psb stratus gold speakers which are rather large for my 10'6"/13'6"dedicated listening room.They will be replaced with the Revel performa m20 soon.Would like to meet for listening sessions.
I live in Grand Rapids. Right now I have a smaller system. Audio Refinement integrated, B&W CDM 1 NT's, vintage yamaha tuner and an NAD dvd player for my source. It's tough when you live in an apartment. I'm always looking for people to talk audio with, or even small groups if any wants to meet once a month or so.
I'm also in Southeast michigan. I have a unique 2 channel stereo setup and would be interested in talking with other members in the area. I'm interested in unusual audiophile 2 channel setups. Thanks for looking.
I live in Okemos, MI (near Lansing) and have just replaced my speakers with a pair of Royd Doublets (unusual handmade English speakers). Would be open to have listening sessions and discussions.
We should set up an initial meeting. We reccently moved to the area, so we are still waiting on our living room furniture. We should have it towards the end of the month. Any interest for then?


Email me if you are interested.
Hi everyone-

I live in Battle Creek, MI. I could very well be the only audiophile in town because I know thousands & really have not come across any true audiophiles in my area.

My system consists of Jolida int. tube amp with telefunkin & mullard tubes. All synergistic research cabling/reference power cords. PS audio P-300 power plant. Digital front: Parasound CBD 2000 belt drive transport, audio alchemy modified 3.0 dac & pro 32 using I2S Audio magic cabling powered by Monolithic. Analog front:(which I just am getting started in)-Rega planar 3/RB300 arm/Benz Micro Silver MC. AES (Cary) PH-1 phono stage. Speakers:Polk SDA SRS (don't laugh-I've had since 1987 & love these!).

I would be very interested in meeting fellow audiophiles and listening to other equipment in my area as this has been a lonely hobby for me. I can't get my wife to listen for more than 30 seconds!
Hey guys. I live in West Bloomfield in the NW Detroit suburbs and am always interested in getting together with fellow audio crazies. I have an Audio Aero Capitole MK-II CD player, Lamm M1.1 amps, a Lamm L2Ref preamp, an Aesthetix IO Signature (w/ dual power supplies) and Lamm LP2 phono stages (trying to decide which to sell), Rockport Sirius II table, van Den Hul Colibri and Lyra Helikon, Innersound Eros Stats w/ two REL Stentor IIIs, Valhalla cables and various PCs and conditioners.

Bdebreejr, I know what ya mean about getting significant others to listen for more than 30 seconds!!
You gentlmen are making me self-conscious about my old and slightly updated system. Granted, it is not 'Hi' HiFi, just what I would call 'Mid' HiFi. Still, it sounds great to me and I guess that is the most important thing. We need to plan a meeting between Detroit and Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo.

What does everyone think about that?

The 1st meeting of the Mid-Michigan Audio Club will be held on October 26th starting at 1:30 PM and spouses/significant others are also invited. This meeting will be informal, but people are welcome to bring music and Audio magazines to share, and equipment if they want others to take a look at it (speakers would be the most interesting - if possible). This will be a chance to meet, listen to music and talk about audio related topics.

The meeting will be held at my house, since I seem to be located in between Detroit suburbs, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and other locations. I will have hamburgers and hot dogs for the grill as well as pop (non-diet) - let me know if anybody wants diet pop. As soon as you email you interest, I will send out directions and a map.

This should be an enjoyable day for all.

Our home stereo is an eclectic mix of old and new equipment. Our speakers are probably the most unique part of it all - a set of Royd Doublets. Royd is a small cottage speaker manufacturer from Surrey England. All of his speakers are hand built and tuned. These speakers are known for speed and accuracy. It will be interesting to see what others think of them.

David Slomczynski
Fmpnd - I live in Highland, just north of Milford. I see you have an Audio Aero CD player. I do you like it? I currently have a Panasonic RP-91 DVD-A player and have thought about purchasing a redbook player, but wonder what real difference I will hear. Your thoughts would be appreciated. My system consists of Sonus Faber Amatis, KEF 200C Center(when Sonus Faber comes out with a high end center, it's mine!), Diva Swan surrounds(both mid and rear channels), Arial SW12 and Velodyne FSX12 subs, Lexicon MC12 processor, Krell KAV-3250 mains/center and B&K AV5000 for surrounds, PS Audio P300 Powerplant, Mitsi 65" HDTV(with Richard Grey poweer conditioner), misc ic's and speaker cables. Look forward to hearing from you.
This is the last announcement for the Mid-Michigan Audio Society on Oct 26th in Okemos, MI at 1:30 PM. If interested email me and I will send you the directions to my house. This will be an informal meeting and will revolve around socializing with fellow audiophiles, determining how we want this club to develop, and of course, listening to music. I have an extra set of Monster Cable XL set up with banana plugs, so if you want to let others hear your speakers, just let me know.

Even though we had a small group, the 1st meeting of the Mid-Michigan Audio Society was a success. I want to thank all the people who came - you made it really a wonderful experience.

Now, we need to plan our next meeting - where do we want to hold it?


I live in Highland, which is just north of Milford. I believe you live in Okemos, if I recall correctly from a previous post. So, I live about a hour away. I have had football and cheerleading events that I have been attending like crazy for both my kids, so I couldn't attend your meeting. But I am happy to report that the season is over. I might be available for the next meeting. How many people attended your last meeting? What were most people interested in? Depending on how many people want to attend the next meeting and the timing of it, I may be interested in hosting it. I have a large finished basement where I have my system installed. Please advise.

Downriver person from Allen Park interested. I have been in the hobby for over 12 years now. I build my own speakers, tube pre's and modify components. Would like to form some kind of meeting place to have discussion (coffee house, etc.) Let me know!!
I would like to ask if anybody would like to host our next meeting of the Mid-Michigan Audio Society. I think it would be great to have it after the Christmas holidays? If anybody is interested in volunteering, just let me know by email.


I wish everyone a great New Year! I would also like to announce the 2nd meeting of the Mid-Michigan Audio Society. This time the meeting will be held in Highland, MI on January 25th. Anybody interested in the details, please email me at: d.slomczynski@attbi.com and I will forward you all of the pertinent information.


My name is Phil Jolette and I live in Kalamazoo.

Maggie 1.6
Rogue 99 Magnum w/phono
Plinius SA100 MKIII
Sony DVP-S9000 ES
Linn LP12/300B/Grado Sonata
Acoustic Zen wire
VenHaus power cords
silk ficus tree behind speakers

My setup is a little thick in the bass and a little thin in the highs and lacking in 'scale' and dynamic range or the space to really sound 'open' (room dimensions: 13x22x8) but it has a nice ability to focus in on any instrument and offer a nice portrayal that is reasonable in conveying their own space and a cushion of air around the individual instruments which also have a nice 'inner glow' or 'sonic signature' that makes you focus on them and not the stereo.
The sound is seamless from top to bottom and this helps me focus on the critical midrange without distractions from driver differences. The source components are the weakness of this stereo.

I would like to hear the latest Sound Lab speakers and have an interest in OTL and SET amps and Lowthers (single driver) or similar high effeciency and crossoverless speaker technology.

I hope all your aural dreams come true :)

I live in Clinton Township and I have what most consider to be a pretty elaborate system. I enjoy talking about this stuff and trying new things to determine its effect, and improve the system.
anybody interested in Mid-Michigan, we will have our next meeting on May 12, 2003 at 5:30 PM in Okemos. We will have a speaker from Buggtussel Loudspeakers and will be able to audition speakers from them. PM me if interested for more details and directions.

Greetings All,
Located in Plainwell which is 20 minutes north of Kzoo on 131. Have always been interested/obsessed with music but am only recently into 'audiophile' quality systems.
System is:
Joseph Audio RM7si signature monitors
Simaudio I5 integrated amp
Rega Jupiter200 CD player
Zu Cable Julian biwire (shot gun)
Zu Cable Warmouth IC
I'm in Ann Arbor. Very interested in getting together with other "audio lunatics".........
I live in southwest Michigan (Berrien Springs) and would be interested in getting together with audiophiles within reasonable driving distance.
Also in the Detroit area here. While not a local club we have put together a small gathering of www.Audiokarma.org members in Southfield Michigan in Feb of 2004.

We are all about Music,Fun and friendships. Snobbery is not permitted as its just plain rude. Sorry for that last line but having attended past local meetings I found it to be all to common.

AK fest is supposed to be a members only event but its free to join and takes about a sec. Honestly no one will be turned away for not being a member but membership is encouraged. Anyone with questions or comments please feel free to write me at imgrumpyerr@comcast.net or stop on by Audiokarma.

I would be interested in future meetings. I live in Brighton, MI. Working on system #3.
Bob Rollin
I see everyone is spread out. I would very much like to attend an audio gathering. I have been to a number of them before and to the Midwest audiofest twice and really enjoy listening to different systems. I live in SW MI (St. Joseph) but would drive to or host any events that gets organized.
I live in Grand Rapids. I am very interested in a hi-fi club. I am just beginning my quest into the audiophile sickness. I currently have sonus faber concertino speakers hooked to my yamaha rx-v3000 with a biwire pair of siltech ls-180 cables. I am currently using my pioneer elite DV-45A, however I am looking to purchase a theta digital miles used for a decent price. Does anyone know where a sonus faber authorized dealer is located anywhere nearby? I lost all the bolts which attach my speakers to my stands during my most recent move.

Please advise,
Kurt, there is a Sonus Faber dealer in Ann Arbor Michigan. I believe it is Overture Audio.
I live in Lake City, MI next to Houghton Lake or 50 miles southeast of Traverse City, MI
I live in Haslett, MI. Interested in some discussions and such about HI-FI. I am rather new to the hobby with modest setup.
Hi, I see there haven't been any post in a while to this thread. Just wondering if there is still an established audio club/group in the mid-Michigan area. I live near Saginaw.
I'd love one, though i'd mainly be in it for the learning. Im going of to college next year for E.E and love stereos and would love to learn more about them
Kurtsm and S7horton, I'm originally from Grand Rapids, but moved away when I was 25. I'm now 50. Who knows... we might have gone to the same school... I graduated from Forest Hills Central high school in 1975. Back in the early and mid 70's, the only thing that the guys that I hung out with wanted was a better stereo system and to listen to music. We haunted "The Sound Room" and various record stores back then. It was the hayday of rock... and there were rock concerts and keggers everywhere. I'm now in Louisiana...I hope that the weather's OK in GR. I used to snow ski, ice skate and snurf. (If any of you are about my age, you'll remember the snurfer, which was the precursor to the snowboard and introduced around 1969. It was originally sold only in Western Michigan and then expanded out from there to other states once it got popular.) I remember the cool weather well. Take care. Sincerely, Stan Brown
Hmmm...... everyone must be snurfing. A well versed snurfer guy is a babe magnet! Snurf's up!! Wish I had snow... Stan
I live on the lake shore west of Grand Rapids, and would be interested in a club or just occasional friendly get togethers. I would be interested in a mid Michigan club or west shore club and willing to help start one.
Zargon, I live in Grand Rapids, and would be very interested in a club that meets, say quarterly or more frequently. Would also be willing to help set something up. Give me a call, 616-897-7833. My name is Kurtis.
I responded a couple months ago also. It appears that there are several interested, but it apears a ringleader is needed to actually organize something and take the next step. Any volunteers? I live in Hemlock and would be interested in getting together once in awhile. Listening to others systems, music taste, and of course I would be willing to do the same. I sort of got out of the 2 channel for abit and went strictly home theater, but in the past 6 months I have been putting a system back together again.
Still interested. I am in SW (Stevensville) MI and can attend or host.
Yes it seems we need a ringleader. I am willing to help. Since we are all spread out I guess it may come down to how far people are willing to drive.

Anyone interested should reply to this thread as it is rather old.
Anyone going to AKfest09?
I will be at AKFest '09 this year along with a couple other friends. if it is like last year, it should be lots of fun..
Email me if your anywhere near The west coast of Mich. I am interested in starting a club.We need to get our email addresses to each other, Here's mine.Let us startnow.stevenmbell@rocketmail.com