MMGs flat with Complex Music

System sounds absolutely fantastic (very smooth, great soundstage, very detailed, and all the other good words reviewers use) with vocals and other non-complex music (like a trio or a small group). However, with a symphony orchestra, it just sounds flat. Almost like it is a different system. Don’t see how the electronics could be an issue: Naim CD5, Conrad Johnson PV12 tube pre, Conrad Johnson MF2500 (250 wpc, rms, both channels driven). Anybody have a similar experience? Am I asking too much from the MMGs? I really like the Maggie sound. Do I need to upgrade to bigger Maggies? Which ones?
have you tried room placement? I had a similar issue with my MG-0.5/QRs (grandfather of MG-12/QR, similar to MMG) until I got them locked into place in my new house. It seemed adjustments in distance from the wall behind them and with the toe-in angle yielded a point to where the symphony orchestra "locked" into proper size and power.

How loud are you playing them? do you have a way to measure SPLs at both the listening position and 1 meter from the speakers? I only ask because the MMG flames aren't as study as the 12QRs and better, so unless you have "120dB" Harry Pearson over, you should be fine. :-)
Have the Maggies out 3' from front wall and about 16" from side walls (about 6' apart -- space is limited). I was using a vocal for the placement trials. Seemed to come together quickly, faster than I expected from all that I had read about Maggie placement.

Now going to re-try the placement trials with a symphony orchestra source. I's surprised by the difference between the vocal and symphony music.

I don't have any way to measure SPLs. Listening level is in the moderate range.

Thanks, Aroc.
That is one of the reasons I ultimately gave up on Maggies (dynamic compression and bass extension being others)

Bought the Gallo Ref III's and haven't looked back since!
For massive sounds, like symphony orchestra or theatre organ, I don't think that the MMG can give you really satisfactory volume. I have three MG1.6, augmented by a six-driver subwoofer system, and I only claim to come close.
Temporarily bring them out 54 inches into the room. The guys on the [URL=]MUG Users Group on Audio Asylum[/URL] seem to suggest that is the distance where they snap into place. If it doesn't help, you can always move them back. The speakers are pretty light.
You need big speakers for big dynamics. This is the only way. Refinance your house and buy a pair of Wilson Maxx2.
Try more clean power.  250 wpc is not all that much for Maggies.  Better yet, have them gunned.  You'll gain 6 db of efficiency witn the new crossover.  It's not a cheap process, but it's sooo worth it.  I had my 12s done last year, they came back looking awesome and sounding even better!