Mofi Sourcepoint 8 vs. Zu Audio Dirty Weekend X

Hoping for some insight for those that may have experience with the Sourcepoint 10 or Dirty Weekend 6. Also open to other suggestions as well!

I have a non negotiable off axis listening area and need to find speakers I can place on actual bookshelf close to back wall (can’t place on floor) so looking at the DWX or MoFi Sourcepoint 8 for sideways placement. Shelf height is 15" and Depth is 14" so limited in options and need something I can place close to back wall as well wether it is foam plugs in ports if needed. I understand I wont get imaging/soundstage with this set up so goal is to get best sound possible with secondary goal of improvement of low volume listening.

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on which of these two might be more ideal for my placement and room. (DWX or Mofi SP8) Room is 15 x 20 and looking for speaker that are good for off axis (no triangle seating position)

I know the SP8 and DWX is not out "officially yet" outside of yesterday’s Guttenburg review but anyone who has heard the SP 10 vs. DW6 perhaps would have insight that can guide me.

Another option is Dynaudio Sp40 with a sub but thinking dual concentric speaker or speaker that can placed on side and larger driver 8" or 10" vs 6.5" will carry my room/setup better even though I like the Dynaudio sound. Im selling my X34 floor standers.

I will select amplification once I finalize speaker choice. Curious to insights and open to other ideas well.


If you are destined to place the speakers against a back wall and laid sideways I am curious how you selected the Zu/Mofi as primary contenders?

There are some speakers that perform well stuck in a shelf as you describe.

My friend Eric at Gig Harbor Audio makes one for about $1,000/pair.

AudioNote Speakers usually perform well against walls. Too Big though.

Some Klipsch Heritage can do the same although likely too big for you.

Dali Menuete 2 is another that may fit. $1,600


Andrew's latest MoFi 8 sounded amazing at Axpona. He knows how's to maximize the rooms. I find that to be a great speaker for $3k. 

Have not heard the new ZU but am anxious to hear it.

The Fritz Carerra 7 BE at $3,500?  Beat them all but in your setting I could not say.



I heard the Zu DWX speakers at Axpona being used to reveal differences in Audioquest cables which they did a good job of so in terms of detail and soundstage they were very good.  However, I had the Zu Dirty Weekend floorstanders and felt they were very thin and uninvolving.  I haven't heard the Sourcepoint 8's yet but the Sourcepoint 10's are a great speaker for my tastes.  My guess is those two speakers will sound quite different and you would need to hear them for yourself to really know which you prefer.

Guru QM 10. Made for that kind of situation. Great speakers! I see some used for sale for around $500.  Very room filling sound and you will get great bass up against the wall. 

I have no personal experience with the following suggestion, but was looking at these speakers for a similar situation as yours within our office. My thought was to put them sideways within on our bookcase. 


I can assure you that my Closer Acoustics OGY sound brilliant, even placed on a high shelf. They do scale well with a better amp. The driver inside is something special: EMS LB5. And that’s all you get, one driver and no crossover. Oh and the cabinet is a cute & tiny plywood transmission covered in corian. And the front port is a smiley face. So the bass is very fast, the midrange is crystal and placement doesn’t seem to affect the sound much. 

I know these speakers are pretty special, but nobody seems to care. There’s practically no info about them online (other than some sponsored reviews). 

Thanks for the info so far. I have heard the SP10s. Really liked them but they were being driven by Luxman nx150 low powered tube amp which is not an option with 87db efficent SP8 for me in my room. Have never heard zu speakers before but they have trial period. Reason I am thinking of speakers I can turn on side with minimal conpromise is given space I can put them on limited to 15" in height im severely limited to driver size. Like I said, have option to look at Dynaudio SP40s which I like the sound of when out in room away from wall but I wonder if there are demising returns if I place on bookshelf unless having sub handle bass is a solution there. Amplification will be selected once I select speakers and Im open to Class D, A and AB as well as tube.