MoFi Studiodeck

Just put a ATML540 on the studiodeck (studiotracker is ok) but now holy cow! Sounds Amazing!! Got it protracted in and got it set at 2grams (digital scale) Put my reference for me) 1976 Boston 1st pressing DBL WLY (mint sound) and Just WOW!! Amazing sound!!


Integrated Amp- OutLaw Audio RR2160MKll

Turntable- Mofi Studiodeck

Speakers-  pair of Dahli Zensor and pair of Pioneer CS99

Powered Subwoofer- Outlaw M8


As a new purchase and maintaining the stock arm, there is a Vinyl Front End Trilogy of Ancillaries to be had for approx' £1200, that the end user has reported has proved to be very attractive to their needs.

With budget in mind, there can be more attained, in relation to creating a sound that is impressive.

If the TT is not yet mounted on a support that assists it with not being impacted on by ambient energies being transferred within the listening environment, taking the time to discover the DIY Methods that are adopted can be very rewarding along with being very affordable.  

There are also off the shelf devices that are coming with very affordable cost through to substantial

I will suggest an additional Sub Plinth, and this can then extend in design to be used with footers.

The ones shown in the link used under or on top of the Sub Plinth, this can be extended to another type as well and try out different configurations.


@pindac I purchased Herbie's Tender Feet for my Sub and Mobile Fidelity - Ultra Low Noise Feet (16 to 24 lbs) for my Studiodeck.   Thank you for your recommendation though.

@eryoung2k It is pleasing to know that your thoughts have extended to additional devices to be utilised as a support method.

As you own the feet, there are trials that can be carried out, where the intention is to show the effect the feet has and to supply a theoretical idea as to what more of a incremental improvement can be attained by not resting solely on one device.

An option to investigate further, is to revert back, remove the ULN Feet and see where there is immediate change detected to the produced sound.

I won't refer to a change as a reduction in sound quality, I will suggest it is noticeably less tidy.

Familiarise oneself again with Tracks with Backing Vocals and Details that can be difficult to define. I suspect without the ULN Feet these will be a little less in what can be perceived as a honest reproduction.

Adding the ULN Feet, should add to the tidiness of the reproduction, and will become a sound, that one could describe as having a step or two towards being honest.

My experience has been that when a Sub Plinth is incorporated as part of the support structure and a alternative type of suspension footer is utilised, the tidiness becomes so noticeable, the former assembly does not seem desirable in any way to return to. I would even state in certain demo's a change that could be described as a 50% jump as a betterment has been the outcome. 

What is really attractive is that additional Sub Plinth Board Materials do not need to cost the earth, neither does the additional footer if chosen.

For myself carrying out demo's in certain homes a Cork Pad has proven to be very effective as a footer under a not too compressed Chipboard Sub Plinth.

With a TT trialling different materials / footers can become a side interest. 

 The Link has been produced by an individual whom some class as the Godfather of Isolation methods. When his methods are understood, it does not take too much thought to see how plagiarised the shared info has been adopted and used for commercial purposes.

Even Townshend formed their earliest products by being adopters of Barry Diament's ideas.

That 540ML is an impressive cartridge. When I installed one, it had me going through my entire collection all over again. Right now I'm breaking in a Nagaoka MP-500 and it isn't grabbing me right away like the 540ML did. Now the MP-500 needs about 30 hours of break in and I'm not quite half way yet. I'm not going to compare them directly until then. I hope it improves as much as they say it does as it was quite a bit more expensive.

As for the 750SH mentioned above it's possible that you may prefer the 540ML. I find the Shibata stylus profile doesn't give quite as much of the clear, sparkling  highs that the Microlinear does.

@newfzx7  I'm blown away with the sound, definitely will be sticking with the AT540ML. Thank you for your input!!  I'm extremely happy!