Mogami 2921 Bi wire vs Canare 4S11 Bi wire Opinions

We all know the addiction to this hobby. Well I'm looking for opinions comparing these two speaker wires. What kind of a change do you think the Canares would bring? Your thoughts will be appreciated. I know that trying the Canares would be the best answer. 

My system:
NAD C 658 Preamp with HDMI module.
Parasound Halo JC5.
Audioquest NRG-Z2 Ac power cords for pre and amp.
Velodyne HGS 10 sub.
LG 65 inch TV.
Arcam DVD/CD.
Mogami XLR's By Jerry at 10 Audio. Replaced with Morrow Audio MA4's.
Audioquest Cinnamon 48 HDMI cables.
Audioquest Greyhound Sub cable.
Mogami speaker wire 2921.
Speakers are Bi-wired.
Sonus Faber Olympica III.



Interchangeable peer budget options - Doubtful that you would hear any difference between them.
I’ve used both in my prior “D” system …. It’s distilled down to a “just pick one of ‘em…” exercise.

I have found Canare cables to be a bit lacking as they are not made of OFC copper. Check out Worlds Best Cables on Amazon. They have a wide variety of inexpensive well made cables. Dont overlook the Swiss Gotham GAC 4/1 cable. The nice thing about Amazon purchases is you can return those not suitable. 

Gotham also makes an excellent digital cable for about $25. Amazing for the price. 

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Can't help you because I have not used the Mogami speaker cables, only the Canare.  While I am not using them at the present time, a search here will find that a number of users believe the Canare is a good not uber expensive cable.


I have only used the Mogami 3104, but I doubt it would be much of a change.
(either seems like a solid choice.)

I use the wire in the 1-3 configuration rather than the 1-2, only be cause the capacitance is touch lower.
Does it matter? Probably not with short monoblock wiring, but maybe with a longer stereo amp… probably not much though.

Probably no noticeable difference in the sound of the two types of cables but if you are running the cables internally bi-wired using only one cable per side you may hear improvement by using two separate cables (i.e., more copper) per side.  Here is a termination method for the Mogami wire.

You “might” also hear a difference using a solid core wire, which you can try inexpensively as described here.

Canare 4s11 is a good cable. But as everyone said it’s unlikely to be drastically different than Mogami. 
If you’re looking to build a nice pair of speaker cables give Neotech cable a try. 
Yes it’s more expensive but it will give a lot of bang for your buck.  

Thanks everyone.

I thought there would be little difference but wanted some opinions. My speaker wire has no terminations so I may try to put some on. I like locking Banana connectors. 

I do think the Morrow Audio IC's of solid core wire made a difference. Better in the midrange and bass.



In my system i preferred the canare (4s11,4s12) over mogami (3104)...had more verve/life to it...morrows a good pair of ic's.No connector is good thing.

I think the furez 124az is on par and maybe a little more on offering fwiw.