Monoblock Suggestion?

What brand of monoblocks is recommend with Dali's MS5 in order to obtain their full potencial. I'm looking to monoblocks in particular that will handle the 4 ohms load this speakers have and that won't run out of steam.Maybe a used brand that represent a good value.Maybe new?

There is an amp that should be seriously considered with the MS-5's. As they say, synergy between amps and speakers is everything. Check out the Gamut D-200 mkII, not the mkIII. In particular, this will be a good match in the bass region. Then, together, you will have wonderful soundstaging, imaging, and depth. There is plenty of power for your room size. One can be purchased on the 'Gon for $2200, leaving you with more $$ for a pre and source. See a review at:
Have fun with your search!
Pretty tough question to answer Armandito !
Maybe listening to their stereos, or on to other thread postings.
I own and like monoblock amps too.
For *your speakers*, try looking up Dali MS5's through other discussion threads.
You can try to contact Dali over the phone or e-mail them for suggestions if you run out of help here.