Monoblock Suggestion?

What brand of monoblocks is recommend with Dali's MS5 in order to obtain their full potencial. I'm looking to monoblocks in particular that will handle the 4 ohms load this speakers have and that won't run out of steam.Maybe a used brand that represent a good value.Maybe new?

I would go with the Sonic Frontiers Power 3. It's tubes will bring out the velvety sound of the Dalis and it will go to 4 ohms no problem. 220 watts a channel with 6550 tubes and 250 a channel with KT88 tubes. Plus offers some great mods. You can find them around 3 grand used here on the gon. Great value, and dumb-founding sound
Price range won't really matter if I can get the true potencial of the speakers. I want to spend about $7K .I'm looking for a good looking unit if possible. dynamics are also important since I'm gona use it for homethater as well.
I use to have both the 7bst,and the 14bsst.CANNOT recommend this amps.I also had the cam350 not great.I now have 4 YBA Passion 1000 monos outstanding,list price is very high but you may be able to find bargain on audiogon.The sound is outstanding downside they are heavy 150lbs each.Good luck.
There may be a dynamic speaker that doesn't sound wonderful with the new McIntosh MC-501's, but no one I know has found one. I know the Dalis--wonderful speakers--and I would bet they would be a great combination. I use the 501's with Eggleston Andra II's, and they love each other.
Off topic, there is an Huricane here in Florida, so please keep sending me recomendations this way, I want to keep searching/learning what amp will be best for the Dalis.I want by the time the huricane is gone, had found my amp.
I laready installed huricane panels all over, You should give some advise on the problem on hand :)
out of 314 audiogoners that have read this thread ,only 10 had left any coments :(
I am sure some here, like myself, didn't respond because we didn't have anything useful to offer. My amps, Atma-Sphere M-60's perform better with higher impedance speakers. I am not at all familiar with your speaker, but it would not be a good match with the M-60's on paper anyway. Also, you limited your responses by not stating your budget in your initial request. In all likelyhood the best advice you are going to get will come from the Dali manufacturer or a Dali user that has found an amp match that is special with your speaker.
I tried Pass Labs X-600 on my demanding speakers, but liked the ICE powered Acoustic Reality eAR stereo much more. Now, I have beefy ICE powered H2O monos. These can handle any load, are slighly warm, yet crystal clear. They develope a tightly controled bass, that is articulate, yet never boomy. The affordable H2O monos will make your wife happy, as well as you.
There are many good monoblocks that could work, but what you like is a different issue.

I would suggest several, not in a particular order: VTL 750; Wolcott 220; Krell FPB 450cmx.
So far in y list are,Pass 600,Macintosh MC-501,Krell FPB-350mcx,Any more that I should consider?
Electronic Visionary Systems is coming out with a digital amp in the very near future. They are being beta tested right now. They aren't monoblocks per se, but I suspect they can be used as such, provided you purchase two of course.
I have Magnepan 1.6's which is a very demanding speaker and use a Innersound esl amp (600w/4 ohms) which powers them great and doesn't run out of steam. The Innersound esl 800 monoblocks are 1200w/4 ohms.
I have used Carver Silver 9t monoblocks on my Infinity Kappa 9 speakers. These speakers dip to amp-killing low impendances and the Carvers handle them just fine with good authority. You can find a pair of the Carver monoblocks for around $1100 to $1500 used. 550 wpc @ 8 ohms, 900 wpc @ 4 ohms and about 1200 wpc @ 2 ohms. Try a pair, you can easily sell them for what you pay for them.

You mentioned that so few people who viewed the post one earlier poster noted, you did not mention a budget
Are this Innersound amp really efficient? How good are they compare to the rest I'd mention before?
I want to keep searching/learning what amp will be best for the Dalis.I want by the time the huricane is gone, had found my amp

All you will have will be a number of suggestions. But since you seem happy with this approach to buying hifi, I'll recommend the JC1s. $6k is under your limit.

Looking at most of the other threads, seems like almost everybody likes the Theta sound and quality.So I gues this the way to go.Any comments on this? in particular the new Enterprise monoblocks?
The Innersound amps are indeed very efficient(sp?). They don't use fuse protection if that tells you anything. I haven't compared the Innersound to the others listed, but here is a link to a review:
Are this meant to be for electrostatic speakers maily? The Dalis are rated at 4 ohms.
I think that the Innersound would be ok, but you may want to contact Innersound at 720.210.1925 or contact Duke LeJeune at 877.473.7262 who is a Innersound dealer. Duke will be able to answer that question. Have you thought about contacting Dali and finding out what they suggest?
Room is 18 x 12 x 11 , actually is a living room, I like not that loud, moderate.Maybe louder with movies.the ceiling is angled,the highest point measure 11 feet.
There is an amp that should be seriously considered with the MS-5's. As they say, synergy between amps and speakers is everything. Check out the Gamut D-200 mkII, not the mkIII. In particular, this will be a good match in the bass region. Then, together, you will have wonderful soundstaging, imaging, and depth. There is plenty of power for your room size. One can be purchased on the 'Gon for $2200, leaving you with more $$ for a pre and source. See a review at:
Have fun with your search!
Pretty tough question to answer Armandito !
Maybe listening to their stereos, or on to other thread postings.
I own and like monoblock amps too.
For *your speakers*, try looking up Dali MS5's through other discussion threads.
You can try to contact Dali over the phone or e-mail them for suggestions if you run out of help here.
Well.RX8MAN I contated Dali and they did not have any amp susgestion for me, they told me to contac my Dali dealer and ask them for references.What monoblock do you have, by the way.Do you drive and RX8? I have a twin turbo Z.
Armandito, I have modified B&K M-200's, so they wouldn't fit your situation like mine.
Although it's time consuming and frustrating at times, try to contact a reputable dealer to find out what other MS5 owners are pairing up with, ya might get lucky, so hang in there.
Scour some of the A.A. threads.
B.T.W., my 91 RX7 is becoming an RX8 by me swapping in a V-8 engine.
Your Nissan twin turbo is a helluva sweet ride though !
"Does anyone have any first hand experience with the Parasound Halo JC 1 ?"

Sure, I have owned a pair for 2 years. Initially they were my reference until I modded some older Adcom GFA-585's. They gathered dust for about a year until I finally modded them. Now they are my reference again. In stock form, the JC-1's are a bit hazy and undynamic in the upper frequencies. A bit of HF sibilance, but this can be fixed. The only amps that will have better bass control than the JC-1's on your Dali's is a Carver Pro ZR1600, but one you have to get modded to be decent.
The problem with Innersound, Coda and Continuum (all designed by the same guy) is that they dont use global negative feedback. This makes them very airy at the HF, but at the expense of bass control. I have three Codas myself that I use for HT.
If you haven't already chosen amps, consider using a pair of tubed stereo amps in mono. With a tubed amp, one merely runs the 2 channels in parallel and ends up with the combined power into half the indicated output impedance. For instance, an inexpensive c-j MV75, rated at 75 WPC into 4, 8, or 16 ohms, becomes a monoamp capable of 150 watts into 2 or 4 or 8 ohms. There are lots of medium-power, stereo, tubed amps (such as the c-j Premier Eleven) that are excellent candidates.

I'm currently running a new-to-me c-j Premier Eleven-A (70WPC) in stereo driving my quite-efficient (94dBA) L/R speakers and just bought an inexpensive c-j MV75A that I'll use as a 150-watt monoamp to drive my low-efficiency (85dBA) Aerial CC3B centerchannel speaker.

Good luck.
I am very interested in your advertised Turbomods.
Do you have any customer feed-back from people who have had their JC-1's modded with the Empirical Audio Turbomod?
Thanks Steve.
I have a pair of Enterprises driving my Thiel CS3.6's, and I really like them with my Thiels. I definitely like the sound of Theta Digital's amps. I find them to have great width and depth to the soundstage, great instrument separation, and a very musical presentation. Low end is strong, but accurate, and while not as overly thick as some amps, I find them to be true and accurate.

The Enterprises would be my first choice. Pass Labs would be my second.