monster avs2000 or richards gray 1200

which one is the best(all brands compared) power conditioner,which one has the best current delivery at the lowest cost.thanks.pat
The Monster avs2000 is not a power conditioner, it's a variac, which regulates power at 120 volts.
this i know its a variac but according to the review in stereophile it really bettered the mids and relieved the stress from the components .it is said that its better on the front end.but still the question is unanswered.did anyone compare any of these devices to say which is the best for the front end and for the amplification at the best price.tnkx pat
Richard Gray is a Parallel Current device not a power conditioner. The Monster AVS 2000 is a voltage regulator designed to keep voltage at 120volts.

With a M520 by eastern electronics the music became lifeless with the AVS2000, this device worked best with my home theater and the big screen TV. With my 2-channel system I really like the Richard Gray, it seems livelier or more musical.

With tubes you already have a transformer to change the voltage of the line, I think the interaction with the transformer in the Monster AVS 2000 and the transformer in the tube amp changed the sound for the worst. Solid state equipment also have transformers so most sites recommend plugging your AMP into the LINE not the power conditioner. Use the power conditioner for the TV and the misc devices. However, I use a AVS 2000 in my home theater and plug my Amp into it also, I don’t think the AVS 2000 changed the sound with this piece of equipment.
and for the powervar 1200 did anyone hear it or compare it to any other device.tnkx.pat