Most fancy tonearms

I've just found this russian page including pics of tonearms with really weird constructive details.


Nice to look at. I'm not shure, however, if I want to know how they would sound...

What are your candidates of special tonearm designs of that kind?
Nice to see designers implementing ideas that are not conventional. I like the idea of working on designs that are definitely outside the box. I can't wait to read a review to see how they perform. Interesting link.
I can't believe that the one that looks like it is on a string and has wheels actually works. This one.
Dear Solong, there is no mention in this article that those
'consructions' are Russian.Well that those are 'non standard' as well that there are 'patent applications' for
some of them (he knows of 15). He intend to post about the
'history of tonearm making' later. But he only mentioned
'47 Lab' tonearm explicite. 'Our own' Lewm owns one of those. The writer (or the author) also stated that the most
of those tonearms are not functional.

I forget to mention my own impression: some of those 'constructions' are obviously designed by an fisherman.
Dear Nandric, I never said that the tonearms are russian of origin. I wrote, there are pictures of them on a russian webpage. It's a kind of objet trouvé.

After all, I consider these items as pieces of art rather than instruments for audio purposes.

Here's another example: Horo

I've seen it on the Munich High End show in 2009 - but I didn't listen to it.

Dear Solong, Sorry ;I should write'Dear all' in the introduction but I was so 'centered' at translation from
Russian (long ago that I used this language) that I was realy responding to other contributions. BTW because of this I even forget to mention my own 'impression'. I hope
you will forgive me?

Dear Nandric, I have not visited the site, but my tonearm is called "RS Labs A-1". While it is a bit esoteric, more than a few of them have been sold and it is very much in production. I don't know whether or not "47 Labs" has anything to do with the RS-A1, but if they make or plan a tonearm, it is likely to be even more weird. I will take a look.
Dear Lewm, I am very reluctant to contradict ,eh, lewm.
But I was only translating those 'kyrilic symbols' that are
the same as in my native language. But according to Google
there is an US distributor called 'Sekura Systems/47 Laboratory' who 'distributes' your RS -Labs A-1' tonearm.
I assume that the Russian 'author' refered to your tonearm as '47 Labs' without knowing that you are such an sensitive
GUY regarding the truth values. So I feel like those 'messagers' who are not aware of any mistake or error
but in spite of this,are somehow guilty of something.
Are you able to consider some 'mercy' bisides the Kantian
'absolute truth'? We already have Dertonarm in our forum.
Dear Lewm (PS), I was not able to 'discover' who designed and produced your 'RS-A1' tonearm. But I am sure that Kimura san from '47 Lab' produced and sold this 'cryptic' rotating headshell that is 'the same' construction as the headshell on your tonearm. I bought this headshell but never used the'thing' because I thought: 'this headshell as well the tonarm are for the brave'. I was reluctant to
risk my (then) Ortofon Jubilee and to avoid temptation I
sold 'the thing' and made some profit for the first time in
my 'audio life'. But I still regret what I deed.
Now it seems to me obvious what the reason for the confusion is: Kimura san with his headshell. I also think
that our Russian friend made the same connection as I deed.
02-07-10: Fightingwords still not surprised they lost the space race.

They won the space race ...
As the goal of both programs was a Moon landing the US won in that respect. In terms of being in for the long haul the USSR/Russia appears to have an advantage as the US discarded its very successful rocket program and went off on the space shuttle/space tug program which has been a dead end.