Most stylish CD player .

Is there a CD player that rings your bell before you even hear it ?
Wow that opens a can o' worms for a guy with no hopes of ever owning any of these.
first off the MBL 1622
second the Oracle CD2000 MkII/
third the Gold Note Stibbert

I don't have a clue how they sound, but that wasn't the question. Just eye candy.
The Sonic Frontiers with the Iris top load opening was pretty sharp I thought and the Oracle for sure.

The Oracle would be my top pick. Some of the older units had really cool lighting. I would like to have one just to look it. Real audio art.
Thanks Theo for providing link to some pictures.
I much prefer the the look of the Bel Canto CD2 to any of the above mentioned players.

All of the superfluous gew-gaws do nothing for me. Give me simple, clean lines and pure functionality please.
Ancient Audio CDP
It looks even better in real life.
The Oracle wins this contest hands down. Just an incredible looking machine.
Marantz SA-7. The quality of the casework draws me in before listening to it. Its impressive without being trendy or overly styled. I do not think there is a machine (especially for the price) that surpasses it for its attention to detail.
Well of course i will choose the CDP that i bought, i have to go with my wallet so here was my choice and i think i made a very good one, the Chord One.
Is there a CD player that rings your bell before you even hear it ?
No. But this is based to look for components were the designer buried the money in premium parts.
Some time ago I was invited to someone who has a very, very expensive System and it looks very, very elegant. I asked him where the Software is. He looks at me and said: "None, I never use it. I just bought it because I like the optics".