Moving to Tucson, AZ

I would appreciate any reccomendations from fellow A-Goners regarding good stores in the Tucson area to buy/trade high end 2 channel gear (not into HT at all). Similarly, if there are any Audiophile societies/clubs, I would appreciate that information also.

Thanks in advance for your response. - Daddy-O
After 18 years away, I moved back to Tucson in feb. It is an audio wasteland here. As far as good stores goes. You will have to drive up to Phoenix to find anyplace worth visiting. I have been to a couple of the local shops here, and it was a waste of time and gas. Thank god for audiogon.
Wilson Audio is worth a visit as far as down-to-earth,
no nonsense dealers go. There's not a lot of competition,
however. My recent system (Creek, Blue Circle, Edge Amp,
Innersound) was all mail order.
Thanks for the replies, all. I'll check out the AZ AV club when I get to town. - Daddy-O.
I agree with Hifidreams -- Tucson is a desert, in more ways than one. There are no worthwhile audio shops and very few audiophiles. I once tried to start an audio club in Tucson, but there was not enough interest. Phoenix has some decent audio shops and many more audiophiles, but it's a bit of a hike.
When I moved to Nogales 16 years ago, Tucson had several decent shops. Wilson audio is still worth an occasional visit. Phoenix has some stores worth the drive.