Music Disappearing (Roon/Tidal/Qobuz)

Do any of you ever notice music selections simply "disappearing" from Roon/Tidal/Qobuz?  One of my playlist favorites, Live in London by Christone "Kingfish" Ingram just went "poof" and disappeared from Roon today.  Any idea what causes that?  Is this common and, if so, is it a licensing issue or something else?


I've seen this on Qobuz and was told it's a licensing issue. That's just one reason I don't plan to ever rely solely on streaming.

Often on Qobuz it is because they have uploaded a remastered version of the same album so look for that.

I have seen some come up “unavailable” in red on Roon with Qobuz ie.  Pink Floyd Meddle and OBC yesterday.  Good to go today.  Kingfish LIL is available to me now.

Perhaps it’s the case that some music just disappears.  But I’ve often had music that I’ve added to my library stay in my library list, but will not play and is listed as “unavailable”.  9 out of 10 times, if I go to the “versions” tab, the one I have will be unavailable but a new one has appeared that is available (and doesn’t seem to be different in any way - same resolution, same everything apparently).  Perhaps the ‘pointer’ that my Roon core had no longer points to the file/music in the Roon database and has to be reestablished.  Just speculation.

Yes, it is there now but is called an "Expanded Edition" and I am not sure that was there before.  The prior link to my playlist version never became available but I found it by going through the artist.  

The other thing I get sometimes is that a song (but not always every song on an album) will come out as static.  I always thought that to be a licensing issue but then I became curious as to whether it was a format issue since all of my DACs do not accept higher sample music files, i.e., I have one set to 24 bit, 48kHz, but I thought Roon took care of the downsampling so maybe back to licensing issue.

I've seen this often with playlists.  In every instance, I was able to go back and find the missing album/song.  I suspect the original song may have been removed and replaced with another version, but the playlist is still looking for the old version.

You may see a lot of this on Tidal as they replace MQA albums with FLAC versions.

+1 @jimmy2615 ​​​​@dinosore. The same has happened to me in Roon. It took me awhile to think of searching through "versions" and the artist’s "discography" to find a new or the "moved" verision of the album. So far, worked every time, no "unavailable" albums in my library.

While not on Roon I occasionally have albums show up as no longer available… but in fact they are. I assume they replace them and some intermediate software detects temporary absence and marks them as gone… but they are there. 

It seems this is not uncommon, since what you all have described below is pretty much exactly what happened to me.  Thanks all.

I'm more concerned with IP radio stations disappearing. 

Within weeks or months of finding one I like, it disappears.

Commercial free might be going the way of Hulu.

I’ve had this happen a lot on Amazon but not on Qobuz so far.  If any music disappears there I’ll just buy the used CD for a few bucks and no big deal, but so far hasn’t been an issue.