My Fyne 702a

After a long stopover at a Glasgow pub and precarious ocean crossing in the covid world, they have arrived.
just want to share my enjoyment with other music and audio folks.
my past runs with speakers from audio physic and Martin Logan were 10 years.  This will be my last ones,
my best description is that I’m not experiencing descriptives about tone, soundstage, brightness or revealing descriptions.   Just music and fun like when I was younger and before hi end
beautiful finish as well and not a break the bank price 

Can you describe what the drivers do on this speaker. I’ve never heard the Tannoy speakers and always hear them described as smooth, forgiving, buttery, etc. In my experience (I might be wrong) this tend to mean they have a relaxed or lowered midrange frequency. I’ve had smooth speakers, and while easy to listen to with all recordings, I eventually became bored with them.

So this speaker has this (from website):
1 x 200mm IsoFlare™ point source driver, multi-fibre bass / midrange cone, FyneFlute™ surround with 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter, neodymium magnet system . 1 x 200mm multi-fibre bass / midrange cone, FyneFlute™ surround.

So does all this mean the Tannoy guys realize people want a midrange driver and decide to use the technology they’ve had success with plus a new driver that makes them sound more exciting? Can anyone say what the crossover frequencies are and impedance curves?

I can plan a trip to hear them but feel like I should first consult with a patent examiner to see if it has a midrange, or maybe someone here can help!
They (Fyne) are getting a lot of positive reviews. I like what I see and read. Looking forward to hearing a pair sometime.
To bejesian,  my response reflects my love of the speaker. I know little more than you about the drivers and frequencies other than what was published on the web site.  Made the 50ilerl trip to audition a luxman integrated and the expected demo was sold while still boxed.  The Fynes were used to demonstrate another brand and it was an immediate connection. Had never heard tannoy.  Made a second visit on the amp I desired and it was the speaker that was the common thread.  That was the beauty of it for me.  Didn’t care about the tech.  The voices and acoustic instruments presented were real.  I did hear the 60,000 dollar MAGICO s and you could say they had greater detail.  Just wanted to share my experience since they are not well known yet.  Could easily have purchased another speaker and not had the chance to hear the Fynes   My music taste reflects my early exposure to singer songwriter James Taylor, Dylan. Simon and Garfunkel, cat Steven’s etc and most of that is in the mid range. 
Awesome. What amps have you heard them with so far. I hear they like a little bit of power.
Tannoys don’t at all have a relaxed/scooped midrange. Coherent, vivid midrange is their forte. Maybe vintage models (Tannoy Dual-Concentic drivers date back to the 1940s) can be described as forgiving / buttery, but modern Tannoys are very revealing of upstream gear and yet endlessly musical and exciting when given proper arrangements.

The 2nd woofer cone, non-dual concentric, is used to add oomph to the lower midrange & handle bass, and is operating far below the crossover of midrange & tweeter within the upper dual-concentric driver. This is what keeps them sounding so coherent, while allowing them to operate efficiently over full range.

As a longtime Tannoy lover I have to start looking at Fyne, since the sad state of Behringer ownership’s over Tannoy (which in fact caused the flight of Tannoy’s lead designer Paul Mills & other Tannoy employees to start up Fyne) is resulting in far more questions than answers - e.g. what happened to "Made in the UK?". OP’s description of his first experience hearing Fyne mirrors my first experience hearing Tannoy. And yes, I’ve only read superlatives about the Fyne sound so far - especially the 700 series.

Congrats, OP!!
Running in nicely.  Not a big burn in guy but the driver has improved to a ‘coherence” I didn’t realize was missing first 50 hours
Congrats on the Fynes. I took delivery of a pair of 502SPs earlier this year and have been thrilled with them. They did change several times during breakin and after a few hundred hours they settled in nicely.
Lively, killer bass, lots of detail and crisp piano and vocals. Much of the time it sounds like the band is in the room.
Driving mine with a Luxman 505UXII which is way more than enough for these speakers.
Cheers and enjoy!
I’m also using a Japanese low powered integrated amp.  F03. 30 watts class a.  If I hadn’t heard them together would never have thought enough power but now issues with higher volumes. Sounds like purchasers of the 502sp got the 702 at a better price 
I have the 704s and drive them with a Boulder 866. I think there's a clip on youtube of this combo as well, for whatever that may be worth to someone.

I love the sound of these speakers, which are just now close to being fully broken in and sounding sublime. For anyone considering a new speaker purchase, try to put the Fyne that best fits your budget and your room on your audition list. I flew down to Florida to hear the 704s and was blown away by them.
A sudden awakening from a nightmare stemming from a small first time personal litigation compounded with thoughts of my countries tangled and inequitable justice industry, yikes.

Changing the subject in hopes of slumber I turned my thoughts to modernizing my decade old digital front end (2011 Mac Mini WiFi -> Squeezebox COAX -> mini NOS DAC).
I couldn't help but think the root of both scenarios are a capitulation for convenience. Meh, today's another day.

tennisdoc56 Robert, I logged in and your post was the first thing that caught my eye.
Simple joy! New (efficient) speakers for possible retirement? Exciting, happy!
Your post got my morning back on track. THANKS, enjoy.