Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ or Schiit Yggdrasil?


Theta Pearl
Theta Pro-Prime II

Krell KAV-300i (but possibly Schiit Ragnarok - see that discussion)
Spatial Audio X2

If I wanted to treat myself, which of these comparably-priced DACs should I get?
The Schiit and Mytek are very very close in tone and resolution of low level detail. 
You can try the Schiit Yggdrasil for 15 days.  It will not have finished breaking in, but it is an advantage to see how a component performs in your system.  It is also up-gradable, and has already had upgrades to the USB and Analog boards.

Ideally you would get the Mytek in-house at the same time and compare, then tell us what you like better, and why (:->)
You may (or may not) find this recent piece from Stereophile's Herb Reichart of interest. (On Page 2, there's a bit about Mytek and Schiit DACs.)

-- Howard

I have a Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2SE and wouldn’t consider anything else. Several years ago I had it upgraded by W4S with improved caps, components and femto clock which puts the jitter down into the "don’t even worry about it" zone. Plus, it sounds very analog and has the I2S interface which I use with a PS Audio memory transport.
Why just these two?  The Metrum Onyx is in that price range and has more than a little technology trickled down from their upscale Pavane.  Non-upsampling, no filters, FPGA technology, and proprietary DACs.  Just another option to ponder.  Best of luck in your search. 

Ive heard both and prefer the Schiit Yggy ...
it is just a bit more organic sounding ... its got the Analogue Devices chip as I'm sure you know.

dont be put off by the lower priced Yggy than the Brooklyn, you probably know that Schiit sells factory direct, so the $2500 price tag would be more like $5000 at a brick and mortar store.
my point? great value
Mytek Dac + has firmware updates to keep it current. Future proof, at least for 5+ years out.

Plus really good balanced headphone output
I recently went through this process with the Mytek, the Yggy and the PS DSJ and went with the PS which is also upgradeable. The conclusion I came to was that its largely a matter of personal taste and system characteristics - ie are your speakers highly resolving, or forgiving. If they are on the resolving end of the spectrum, you will likely hear some difference. If not, you likely wont. The PS also offers a trial period. I think shipping (unlike the Yggy is free) and once you factor in that PS will credit you retail on trade up to a ~1/3 of the price of what you are buying, its not that much more expensive. Good luck

Great response
I wished more summarized like you did!

What side of the resolving system , do you fall?
Or, What components and speakers did/do you have?

did you ever listen to other DACs, Exogal Comet, Benchmark Etc

well done


Frozentundra dacs are personal taste with emphasis on system configuration as WC1 points out.
Like Wc1 I also went through trying several digital front ends over a period of time some in two completely different systems with dacs ranging in prices of $8000.00 to $2400.00 and in the end I can tell you price has no bearing on performance.
Take your time and don’t be influenced by online fan clubs .
Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ won.  A coin flip.  Good enough between two good choices.

Picked up a PS Audio PerfectWave Transport, refurbished, at a good price.

All attached to my rehabbed Krell KAV300i.  XLRs between all.

The Mytek folks were terrific when operator error kept me from getting music to come out.  I sent them an email and my phone rang 5 minutes later.  We corrected my input source to SPDIF, I un-muted the Krell, and music has been coming out ever since.

Out of the box?  Call it a richer sound than my Theta ProPrime II.  Violins sound woody, as do upright basses, as never before.  I can hear the piano keys strike the strings.  I decided that I don't like the mic Joni Mitchell used.  Her voice isn't round and rich enough.  But I can tell.  And just think: it's going to get better.

I keep a disc on Repeat with the DAC+ on.  Amplifier off.  No noise, but everything should be breaking in.

Thanks for all the good advice!
I would check out the review in Audio Science Review on the Schiit dac. Very detailed review that was not very good. In fact did not recommend the unit.
"I would check out the review in Audio Science Review on the Schiit dac. Very detailed review that was not very good. In fact did not recommend the unit."

Well, I listened to the Yggy with my own ears ... I didn't read a review ... and I sounded dang good to me.
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I would check out the review in Audio Science Review on the Schiit dac. Very detailed review that was not very good. In fact did not recommend the unit.
Pretty sure that review disagrees with virtually all other professional reviews and has been criticized as being simply wrong and garbage.