N802's - Bi-amp or better amp?

Currently running a Sunfire Signature Series II and there's really no pronounced shortfall, just know there's probably better amp situation out there for me. Wondering if there is bigger bang for my buck. Specifically, does anyone have thoughts on passively bi-amping with a couple of 250w amps of good quality, or would I gain more going to a 3 or 400 watt higher end amp like Pass or others? No defined budget at this point, but would buy used. I'm really just curious and thinking about a next step. Thanks!
Very happy with MF TriVista Integrated (350 watts) driving N802s. Really opened up the bass.
I use a Pass X-350 and am very happy. Previously used a Sherborn 2100 and bi-amped with four of the channels. Sherborn was nice and I was not displeased, but Pass extended highs and tightened the bass.
You might consider biwiring as an intermediate step to biamping. I noticed significant upgrade when I biwired.
I have them bi-wired off the Sunfire right now with AZ Satori's on the top and Hologram II's on the bottom. It's pretty nice.
Too really make the 802's sing go with a high power amp. Seems anything under 200 watts just doesn't bring out the potential. Also, try bi-wiring. Bass tightens up a bit and soundstage improves. I'm using mine with Bryston 7BSST's in bi-wire config. Great sound!
I have a pair of kimber 8TC speakers cable with my N802. Would getting another same length kimber 8tc to biwire my N802 worth it? Or should I consider other cable?
I am curious what speakers cable are you guys using with you N802?
I'm using Acoustic Zen, and really feel the 802's sound better run bi-wire, at least that has been my experience, YMMV
I have 10Ts, a bit more difficult load than your 802s but similar in amplifier demands. You can never have too much power, especially if you have a large room. My evolution began with 150w stereo, 250w monos, 500w monos to today's passively bi-amp system, 250w tubes on top and 500w ss on the bottom, 750w total! The 10Ts now sing like they've never before.

The clarity is disturbing at first but what you're actually hearing is the lack of noise, distortion and compression. I'm not familiar with the Sunfire amp but if you like the way it sounds, get another and passively bi-amp. Unless you have a small room, I would go with at least 400w.