Naim Unitiqute -- repair or cut my losses?

A few months ago, the front panel display on my Naim Unitiqute (first version) started to fade and eventually went out completely. The unit is still functional in that it sounds as good as before. But now it's stuck on the same digital input. I can't change the input because I can't see the damn thing on the display. The bigger issue is that I cannot change the network settings (have a new wifi setup) anymore, so the streamer feature is pretty much useless. Sure, I can attach something like a chromecast or apple tv, but that kind of defeats the purpose -- i.e. all-in-one convenience factor.

Now this is a rather old unit, probably 5+ years, and I bought it used for around $700. Do you guys think it's worth getting it fixed and selling it after that? Like I said, the SQ is amazing but usability is limited due to lack of display. If I can get it fixed, any suggestion on how/where? The cost of repair might not be worth the ROI after all.
The North America repair facility is in Canada and does good work.A Uniti Atom ( or better ) starts at $3k. I would call Audio Plus Services for a repair quote.
@tomic601  Thank you for the tip. I will call Audio Plus tomorrow and see what the damage looks like.