NAS Storage Stream. HELP

My current setup is:   DB Poweramp ripped  CD’s lossless FLAC with error correction level 8 along with some HD tracks high Rez.  Ripping duties handled on a windows 7 laptop USB 2.0 500 GB  HD backed up to a Seagate 1tb external.
Laptop music is transferred to a USB External 500 GB SimpleDrive with external power supply sends music to a ProJect StreamBox S2 then to Black Ice FX DAC.This works well now but I need to rip 200 plus CD’s and will be closing in on the 500 GB limit for the laptop and external drive that streams the music.    Also have Toshiba laptop running Windows 10 same 500 gb
Looking at a fan less Headless PC with USB 3.0 and could rip to external drives and may be a way to send files to the streamer?  Add a external CD ripper that’s faster? I have a spare monitor....
i can rip to an external drive say a 2tb 
Will need to back up or mirror and this is where it gets complicated quickly.  The more I researched and looked the deeper the mud got.
is there a central item that would store the music, back it up and send it to the streamer?   Surprised I made it this far lol?    I can expand the storage but need a drive that will feed the StreamBox as well.  Thanks
I realize my post wasn’t worded that well but I am hoping there will be some comments on at least one or two parts of the question.
You just need a NAS with enough storage capacity for your library.  Then transfer your various HDs.  I use a Synology NAS with a RAID configuration 10 TB capacity.  It’s quiet, but in my case it sit in a room separate from my Audio because it needs to be next to the router.  My home is Ethernet Wired so if you are going to use WiFi you will need to use a NAS with good WiFi performance.