Nativ Sound Vita

Has anyone actually USED or does anyone OWN a Nativ Sound Vita???

Great looking product and occasionally they have promos that get the price down .. a Mac Mini might be cheaper but the Nativ is more attractive (to my eyes anyway) and I am looking for a music only product not something to surf the net or use for spreadsheets

I have to say never heard of it before but looks like a cool unit nice industrial design! I use and love an Auralic Aries Mini which does most of the same things if you want to avoid the Mac Mini route. Lots of other options as well Blue Sound is popular and the full Aries is nice as well.
i have a vita which i actually am about to sell (just got a new dac which has a built in streamer). it's pretty cool. sound wise, it bested my mac mini running audirvana. you can operate using touchscreen or remote, and an app is coming soon. very nice build quality.
Jond ... very little info on the Net except product info and release announcements.  Hard to believe none of the print or online audiophile sites have grabbed one for review.  The design is simple and beautiful and it SOUNDS (again in press releases) that it is operationally intuitive, has great support, an open OS and ability for Smart phone control.  All BIG pluses!!
nickolaspappas ... let me know if/when you decide to sell .. might be interested in the price is right.  I constantly get offers from Nativ with coupons to save $500 or more (one came today offering a free CD ripper with purchase)  thx!
I have one and the ripper.   Many software issues.  Does not do as they say IE will not play 256 DSD at all.  Crashes constantly.  The CD ripper, seldom recognizes the correct CD inserted and as the players does, lists tracks  out of sequence.  Too many problems to list  here, they say all will be "better" with next upgrade, we will see.  When it does play, sounds good, cannot give full review as it does not work as advertised.
Wow, that is not good ... Any idea if this problem exists with a large % of their production units??  So Nativs response has been there is nothing physically wrong with the hardware that all your issues are software related???
I have one.  I originally couldn't get my music to load on to it.  I have my music stored on my HTPC.  I tried using the DLNA option to stream it but it would never work with consistency.  It could have been my internet.  I then tried to use an external hard drive via usb to load my music onto the installed hard drive.  I probably did it 10 times and it crashed every single time.

After the most recent update, the problem has been solved and mine works great.  I don't have any DSD music so I can't speak to that.  

My biggest complaint is that, without an app, it really isn't all that convenient.  There is a remote but that requires you sitting close enough that you can read the screen.  Otherwise, you need to use the touch screen.  They are working on an app and have shown some samples of it.  Once that is finalized, it should be a great device.  

They have been fairly responsive to feedback and suggestions.  Their updates don't come fast enough though.

For me, it is not worth $1600.  But if you can pick one up for $750ish, I think they are a great deal considering the market for streamers these days.
What goes without saying is, it is GORGEOUS!!!  It really completes my two channel set up.
Jstbuch ... I agree on cost ... If I could find one in the $750 range I may give it a whirl ... Is it true you can only use the Nativ ripper to burn CDs to the HD or has there been any update to allow use of any USB drive??
I have a new Nativ Vita with beautiful wood stand and remote control for sale if any one is interested price when new was $1829.00 but will sell for $1100.00 (€950.00) or nearest offer.
It is as new and great looking piece of equipment.
I am interested in buying your Nativ, I hope you still have it for sale?  please let me know because I am looking to buy a server.  My name is Adam.
Hi Adam 

Sorry the Nativ was sold .

Sometimes they give a discount if you contact them.
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Sarjan has a review scheduled for the Nativ and someone emailed him about some QC issues with his unit and the poor response he got from Nativ. The person provided photos of the insides because the unit's screen separated from the unit and revealed some pretty shoddy build quality inside, including the use of Velcro to hold some things in place.

Since the 6moons site update, I can no longer find the reader's warning or the photos to link to. I'd due some due diligence to make sure issues are addressed.

All the best,
The one that had QC issues is mentioned everywhere. I hope mine is a better example of the norm. Mine has been rock solid physically. It also sounds great and has more input/output/streaming/and/software options than anything that I know of - plus it looks great and the interactive screen works extremely well and the software for sorting/selecting/playing/settings etc. is very intuitive, fast, and useful. Customer service has also been very responsive and the software is constantly improved. What don't I like? The remote is hit or miss on my unit; there are occasional software glitches but nothing a restart and/or the next update don't resolve; editing meta data from the unit has some nuisances (but I'm hoping and expecting they will get around to fixing those).
I just purchase a Nativ Vita but have not received it yet is there any one on the forum that is using it and can give me some hands on experience with the unit.
I own the entire set, the Player, DAC, Powersuppy and ripper. I am on my second player now and when everything works it is great, just those times seem rare. 

If if anyone wants entire setup, all four pieces with stands will sell for $1250, major loss, but I am done. 
Wow, how long have you had the DAC and power supply?  I just got my Wave and Pulse in a few days ago.  Indeed it has been a headache getting the software to work.  The Vita alone worked fairly well for a while, but I am starting to feel like jumping ship too after waiting years for the product.  Pretty disappointing to have this many issues after waiting all this time.  It does sound pretty good when it worked for a few days.  

I'm stuck trying to recover the whole Vita now.  Since connecting the DAC and PSU.  The Vita just super crashed on me and is stuck in a endless loop or rebooting cycle.

I'll give it a little more time to see if the kinks get worked out, may I ask what were the issues you were experiencing?
del922 sent you a PM ... might be interested in your setup ... looking for something to burn my CD collection and stream Internet radio ... would use my own DAC
I have had the Vita for over a year now and have not had any issues. I received the DAC and PSU last week and set it up over the weekend. To my ears, I liked the DAC in the Mark Levinson 585 better and have gone back to the Vita using the DAC on the ML.  The DAC and the PSU are going to be put up for sale.  
can you describe how the Nativ Wave and with pulse psu compares to any other dacs?  Looks like the ML 585 is pretty expensive comparitively.  mine is supposed to ship in a couple weeks after the next firmware update
I’ve had the Vita for 14 months. Sounded great, but then had a catastrophic screen failure. They want $100 shipping to send it back, then repair costs. 14 months! I’m done. Already ordered a Roon Nexus (with 3 year warranty) and a refurbished iPad Pro for an interface. A big GUI touchscreen from a crowd-funded startup should have been enough of a caveat emptor, but alas, I wasted my money. 
I'm waiting for my nativ wave dac and pulse power supply.. it's been promised to ship soon so many times but still more delays :(