Need a receiver for Klipsch Heresy speakers

Hello good people! In 1985 I purchased two Klipsch Heresy speakers driven by a Denon DRA 425 receiver. Since that time I've married and have three children and my music listening habits have changed drastically. I still listen to the Klipsch speakers, but at much lower levels than I did in 1985 and I also listen to some much smaller remote speakers. In addition I have the speakers hooked up through the Denon receiver to run the HD TV through. The receiver is now falling apart and I need a new one. I am on a very low budget because of the cost of raising a family. I'm not going to be blaring the speakers at high volumes and I'm not looking for anything with lots of bells and whistles. I just want some adequate power to run the speakers and still maintain decent audio quality, and I also want to hook the TV up to the speakers. What will I be sacrificing if I go with a low price item such as a Sherwood RX 4503 (200 watt receiver) that seems to be on everybody's "best choice for low budget receiver" list? I've got quality speakers and a quality receiver that's falling apart and I don't have Donald Trump's money. How much do I realistically need to spend? If I do need to spend a lot of money, please be honest and let me know. From what I've read here in this forum you folks are obviously the experts so I value your opinion. Thank you so much.

I currently listen to my Heresy's with an 80's Denon PMA-757 integrated amp and it is a wonderful combination.

Are you looking to go with a modern 2-channel receiver or a multichannel(7.1) AVR? What is your budget? Would you consider a 2-channel integrated amp?

From the sounds of it, you need a modestly priced digital multi-channel. At those levels they will sound very good.
Williland and Csontos - thanks so much for your help! Very good advice from both. I think I'm probably going to have to go with a multi channel after reading your advice and doing a little more research. Are there any you can recommend? I think I'm going to have to spend a little more money than I wanted to. Thanks again. Larry

How much can you spend? It is a lot easier to suggest something if we know how much your budget is.

A couple of years ago when I was interested in the Heresy speakers I read several recommendations on the Klipsch site talking about the magic between the older Harman Kardon 430 receiver and the Heresy speakers.

While they are older, the cost of buying one and having it serviced would be less than most new options.
Love the Heresy's, used to have a pair and wished I had kept them. If stereo is still your thing I would point you towards an integrated amp. The Marantz PM 8004 would be my first choice. It list for $1000.00. Their entire line is worth a look with lower priced models. Easy to use and great sounding and cost effective.

If indeed a receiver, than Marantz and NAD would get my nod first. Had a Sherwood receiver in the past and was not impressed. Higher current sounds better than higher watts. Your speakers as you know don't need to have a lot of power.

Happy hunting.
The Heresy's are very efficient and can easily be driven by much lower wattage units. Consider a used integrated from NAD which has always been considered a good match with Heresy's. IMO, I would get a NAD used intergreated.
Totally agree with the NAD integrated.

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If an integrated is okay, find a slightly used or possibly even new Marantz PM5004 on ebay. Original retail was about $450 but they have been supplanted by a new model and should be under $400 now. I've used one to drive Klipsch Cornwalls for a couple of years. Not "high end" but quite good and well reviewed. Cheers.
Don't be afraid to try Onkyo and Pioneer. Both come up with musical sounding ones, in that price range sometimes. If you have any "big box" stores, you could take them back, I think. I'd pass on Sherwood too. Cheaper receivers don't have much power, but the best part is, your speakers don't need it.
I have a buddy who runs a Heresy/Nakamichi Receiver combo that sounds awesome! (great synergy) I would strongly recommend a Nakamichi/STASIS amp as they are cheap and great sounding.
I'd recommend you look at the NAD integrated amps.  They don't have the "shrill" sound that many other brands have, great dynamics and are reasonably priced.

Find ANY receiver. Speaker Efficiency means “ Low Power” in your amp/receiver. You can run those Heresy speakers on a Thrift Store amp… seriously! I just sold a pair. I was running it off a vintage cheap Pioneer when a buyer heard them. 

96 dB efficient and rated at 8 ohms…. I’d pick this:

The Pass Labs INT-25's output power is specified as 25W into 8 ohms and 50W into 4 ohms, both equivalent to 14dBW, with a "class-A envelope" of 50W peak into 2, 4, or 8 ohm loads. With "clipping" defined as when the THD+noise reaches 1%, I found that the Pass Labs amplifier with both channels driven at 1kHz clipped at 60W into 8 ohms

All this was copied from the Sterophile article…