Need a Reliable Electronics Repair Shop

I'm looking for a shop or highly qualified tech to service a Carver SS amp. The right channel gain is very low and the problem happened during power-up, (transistors?). This is not my primary amp, but is definitely worth fixing.

I'm in PA, so I would appreciate a recommendation for a shop in the NE or on the East Coast.
Try  Electronic Service Labs in Wethersfield, CT or
Approved Audio in Bantam, CT,  Both have done good work for me in the past. 
United Radio
Consumer Electronics

5717 Enterprise Parkway
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Toll-Free Phone: 800.634.8606
Phone: 315.446.8700
Fax: 315.445.3297
Margaret Kelly, Customer Service Manager

Have had them repair CD player lens and platter. Very satisfied customer.  Good Luck!  Tom

Many thanks, guys. I'll contact Approved Audio first since they list Carver as one of their supported brands.
I also have positive experience with Approved Audio Service in Litchfield, CT.    Larry knows his stuff ...
I had an odd experience with carveraudiorepair when found them on the internet search. They advertise themselves as the only authorized service providers, but factually they're not.
There's no convincing evidence of any their affiliation to Carver electronic equipment whatsoever or to Bob Carver himself who doesn't even know them personally. They're also in OR -- not anywhere near the EastCoast. When I spoke to them about my Sunfire amp starting to humm, I figured I'm speaking with crooks that want to overoverload you with bs. Shouldn't that ring the bell? 
@czarivey, I also heard there was something odd about that place and that it was expensive.
Rita's (Bob Carver, partner) is closed and Vintage HiFi of Pittsburgh (Carver sales and service) is out of business.
Anyway, I think my amp needs a routine repair and not a rebuild.

Bill Flannery is now the service center for Sunfire and was set up in business by Bob.

I had a great experience with Tim Schwartz at Bristol Electronics in New Jersey.  He is honest, fair and reasonable. I found him to be knowledgeable too.