need advice on downsizing system for smaller room

I have moved in with roomates in a home with 3 cats and no longer have a large living room. I don't dare put my gear out with the animals and am isolated to using my bedroom for music listening. I am looking for recommendations on small speakers and amp combo that can also be used for headphone listening. My current components are; Metronome tubed cdp, first sound presence deluxe mk11 preamp, mccormack dna1 revA, chang light speed and various high end cables. My new room is approximately 11'x12'. Wouldn't mind trying tubed amplification
keep your current components(quite nice) and use with totem ones, harbeth p3's, enigmas, or other quality small boxes...ironically most quality nearfield monitors prefer bigger(and better) associated'll be happier than changing everything only to compromise your sound quality, particularly at low to moderate volume levels.
I agree, Keep what you have for now and see how it works out. Then decide if it's just not going to work. I've found Tannoy speakers to be good for nearfield. You could get a pair of their pro monitors with the dual concentric driver. Or Spendor S3/5 monitors. Jrd351's recs are good too. You can add a headphone amp. A nice setup would be the Emmeline XP-7 headphone amp, Sennheiser HD600s or HD650s and an aftermarket headphone cable. The headphone world is a whole 'nother universe if you're not already familiar with it.
I fully agree -- keep your components. Look at the Penaudio Rebels.
I have near-same situation but only with small kids. I isolated my components placing them in living room but with possibility to bring out speakers there and connect them.
I shopped at home depot and bought wall speaker terminals and outlets. Now I can reconnect my speakers fast to a different room and where they're always going to be under supervision.
Another big + in my current system is the headphone setup that basically takes the most time of my listening.
As nice as your current stuff is, don't keep it because after all you want to downsize. My suggestion is to sell everything. Buy a Linn Classik with a nice smaller pair of speakers, such as Proac Response 1SCs or Dynaudio Contour 1.3MkII's. Put the linn on a table nearby a chair for headphone listening (I recommend the Grado Ref2). Perhaps put the speakers on shelfs that you mount to the walls out of harms way. You will have money left over to buy all the must-have CDs you want. Good luck.
I don't agree with getting a classik. I had one for two years in my bedroom system, it's nice but won't touch a good integrated or seperate system.
Please try the green mountain audio europas for small speakers. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.