Need advice on the BEST Android based tablet for TIDAL.

Hey Guy's I need a Android based tablet with bluetooth, I would like to use it through my Dac with a HDMI cable. 
I don't want to pay $800.00 . I am finding some tablets don't support TIDAL like Google Chrome any suggestions?
I also use MQA .
Well let’s see:.

Tidal - overpriced
MQA - bad soundTablet internal DACs - horrible

Make sure you keep a cheapo HDMI cable.
You’ll NEVER hear the difference.

Plug it into a DirectStream DAC and you'll get even better SQ. Utter silence.
Maybe a little more detail would help.  You are going to stream from what, using Bluetooth, to your android tablet, which you will then connect to your DAC with an HDMI cable. 

As fuzztone implied there may be better ways to get music to your DAC.  Tell us  a little more about your system starting with your wifi router and ending with your speakers.
@fuzztone plug WHAT into the DAC?  Did you read the question before coming here to brag about your $7k DAC?  
"...some tablets don't support Tidal like Google Chrome" What? Chrome is an OS.

A bit more research, and a bit better-formulated questions might help.
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