Need help

A little back ground I moved from WV to Texas in WV my system was in a finished basement now it’s on the second floor of our home. My system is Rega RP 3 turntable with the Rega upgrades. Exact cartridge. Rega Apollo CD player Rogue Metis pre amp and a Carver MT 1.0 T MK lll amp. Speakers are a pair of Source Technology 7211’s with two Source Technologies HV/S 10/500 Subwoofers. Now my problem when I play a CD or listen thru head phones everything is fine. But when I use the turntable the subs go crazy vibrate the floor bad I can’t turn up the volume at all. Turntable thru headphones is fine. When playing a CD subs are fine. Just when I play a album. I’m not a fan of CD’s so I’m going crazy. The subs are 7 foot apart and the closest one to a wall is 42”.  Thank you in advance for any help ideas of what I can do.  
Have you thought of putting the turntable on a shelf mounted to the wall? That's what I did when floor vibration was affecting mine. At that time (20 yr ago), Target made a reasonably priced wall shelf.
Having owned a couple of Texas homes, I can well imagine your problem.  Large house on a concrete slab, no basement, wooden frame with brick or stone facade, plywood floor on the second floor with a large upstairs second family room.  Am I close?   If you want to continue to play vinyl and get the best sound, place your system on the first floor slab. That’s what I ended up doing. Good luck.
“when I use the turntable the subs go crazy vibrate the floor bad I can’t turn up the volume at all”

I had the same problem where I couldn’t turn up the volume on my TT. My suggestion would be to try the Herbie’s large soft fat dots. I couldn’t believe the improvement, they’ve effectively blocked all the vibrations. My audio room is located on the 3rd floor :-)
Agree with trying Herbies, and you’d probably also benefit from putting the subs on some footers from SVS, Herbies, etc. as they’ll probably improve your subs’ performance in addition to quelling more vibration.  Best of luck. 

I would start off with 4 dots underneath your RP3. I am using 3 dots for my SME 15. Just looked up your system, it appears you’ve already addressed the isolation underneath the subs 👍

Your room is very similar to mine (great decor and choice of electronics), I am using Auralex SubDude Acoustic Isolation Platforms.
If Herbies will work, great. I have my doubts but you never know. What definitely will work is a two-pronged approach: springs under speakers (not just the subs) with springs and added mass under the turntable. I was surprised at the improvement putting springs under mine. 

You can buy plain springs on-line real cheap. But its a lot of work because they need to be sized correctly so that the springs are about half way compressed under load. Nobsound springs on Amazon are only $30 and very effective under both speakers and turntables. Also amp, CD, phono stage. Use them everywhere.  

By far the best however are Townshend Pods. These also need to be sized to the component but they make this a whole lot easier. I was extremely impressed with the improvement under my turntable and amp. Had almost the exact same problem as yours, completely eliminated and even made everything a whole lot better.
Target, or other, wall-mount TT shelf. Screw directly into the wall studs. If you still need more isolation after that, try the springs, pods, dots, etc...
I had the same issue and my system is also on the second floor. I was able to eliminate the issue by using a Townsend Audio Siesmic platform.