need help with outdoor system

hi. my wife and I just bought a hot tub, and I'm wondering what solutions other audiogon'rs have found for outdoor music systems. we want music out there and I'd like to control it from my iPad, I have a water resistant cover for it. one of my friends has suggested I just buy an iPod dock and be done with it, but I'm looking for a more sophisticated solution. I have a denon AVR that will run two zones, but I'm reluctant to punch holes in my wall to run wire outside. I've also heard that outdoor speakers don't last, but I think def tech has sine decent offerings. thanks in advance.
I would simply purchase something like the B&W Zeppelin and be done with it...

One thing to mention, outdoor speakers are built to withstand rain, snow, etc. However, if you live in the Midwest or other areas of the country with cold winters, it makes sense to bring them in for the winter. They will last much longer. My Paradigms are on brackets that have a release mechanism and are connected via gold plated banana plugs. It takes five minutes tops to connect or disconnect them.