Need help with Proceed AVP setup

hi, I just picked up a Proceed AVP used. Everything seems to work fine, but I can't get the On Screen display to show up. Before I punt, I was hoping someone could advise me on a couple questions:

1) Is there anyway to reset all operating settings to Factory Defaults? I've not been able to find a reset procedure in the manual.

2) Is it possible to do a total reboot of the software? ie where the system does a complete reload/

I was able to do this on my Lexicon and it usually solved minor issues like this.

thanks in advance.

Your timing is impeccable. I recently dug my AVP out of the closet for my son-in-law. In the course of setting it up, I asked Proceed (Harman International these days) for the reset instructions:

The following procedure resets Factory Defaults in the Technical Menu of the Proceed AVP and PAV/PDSD. Resetting Factory Defaults clears the programmed flash memory. This procedure may correct a variety of audio or operational conditions caused by an external source such as a voltage
surge or other anomaly. Resetting Factory Defaults may be used prior to requesting repair service, possibly avoiding the need for repair.

NOTICE!!! This procedure will reset all user settings to the original factory defaults. Be sure to use the section in the rear of the owner’s manual to document all menu settings before resetting the unit. In addition, DO NOT select any menu item except “Factory Defaults” in the Technical Menu.

1. With the unit powered up and out of “Standby” mode, press the MENU button on the remote or press and hold the front panel RECALL button for 3 seconds. This will display the MAIN MENU.


2. Press the front panel SUB button followed by (within 2 seconds) the front panel MASTER button. The Technical Menu will now be displayed. If not, press menu on the remote or recall on the front panel display to back out of the MAIN MENU and start again.
3. Select the option FACTORY DEFAULTS and press ENTER on the remote or press the front panel MUTE (AVP) or MASTER (PAV) button (which is also enter). You will now see
4. Press the ENTER (MUTE or MASTER) button again to reset Factory Defaults. Pressing any other button other than ENTER (MUTE or MASTER) will abort the Factory Default.

Once you have restored Factory Defaults:
1. AVP unit will initialize itself and go into “STANDBY” mode.
2. PAV/PDSD will continue operation. Press MENU on the remote or the front panel
RECALL button to exit out of menus.

I do not think there is a way to reboot the software, but you can contact:

Richard Krehmeyer
Senior Technical Support Coordinator
Harman Consumer - Specialty Division
Lexicon/Mark Levinson/Revel
Phone: 516 594 0300

Richard is a super guy. He answered on the first ring when I called and he was extremely polite and helpful.

Good luck.
thanks! I was able to restore the factory defaults using the procedure above. Sadly, I had to do it blind as the OSD still won't show on my screen.

I'll contact Richard on Monday, in the meantime, does anyone know if there's a way to disable the OSD and have the menu display on the unit's front LED panel? Without being able to see the menus, setting this thing up for my home theater is hopeless.

I have a strong feeling this unit is going back to the seller, but I'd rather try a few more diagnostics and see if I can get it working.

thanks again Dlcockrum . . .
I owned the AVP2. When you said your OSD still not on, do you mean on the front panel of the AVP's or on the TV's screen hooked up with Video out put from your AVP to your TV set?
When you said your OSD still not on, do you mean on the front panel of the AVP's or on the TV's screen hooked up with Video out put from your AVP to your TV set?
I mean the TV screen. When I connect the video out to the TV, I can see whatever my video source is, but when I select "menu" on the remote to go into setup, the front LED Panel says "OSD Active" but I can't see the menu's on the TV.

I played around with this some more today, and something is definitely wrong with it. I don't know if it's a hardware repair or if there's some way to reboot the firmware that may solve it. I send an email to Proceed so hopefully I'll know by Monday . . .
Glad to help out, Bd. The On Screen Display is a little finicky. Did you come out of the S-video jack to a S-video capable TV?

If you are watching a source through the AVP and hit the OSD button, what exactly happens (does the screen go blank, does it continue to show the source, etc)?

If you can get through this OSD thing, I think you will be impressed with the sound of the AVP, so hang in there.
here's what happens . . .
I connected it using the S-video cable, but also tried a composite connection. The OSD will not show up at all on my DLP hi def projector. I can get video output (ie the TV or DVD player output), but no OSD with menus. When I connected it to a CRT low res tv, I can see the OSD but the characters are large - 2-3 lines is all that fits on a 26" screen, the words wrap on the screen so you can't really read them, and vertical hold is non-existent so it's scrolling on the screen very rapidly.
Hello all...I just posted saying my Proceed AVP won’t power up and the fuse checks “OK”...any ideas that may help? I appreciate any/all guidance!
I doubt this will be seen, but I am having the same issue with the OSD not showing up on the Proceed AVP. I can route composite video input 4 (and only 4) to the main S-video or composite output but there is no menu overlay.

Alternatively, would it be possible for someone with an AVR to send a pic of the technical menu that is required to initiate a factory reset? I’ll try to do it blind.

I'd appreciate any help I can get because it is an excellent preamp and I'd hate to have to part with it.
Hello! I also have a Proceed AVp with the same problem. I can't do any new settings. I'm trying to fix myself. I replaced the STV5730A, but the problem is still there. Do you have any answers from Mark Levinson?