Need recommendations for Dual Drive CD recorders

I'm familiar with the TDK DA3826, and the Harmon Kardon CDR 20.

Looking for a more reliable unit. Any price.

Please only opinions from folks who've actually used them.



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Sony made an excellent one back in the early 2000.  May want to look for a used one.  

I can't think of a "reliable" 2 tray unit (I have a Pioneer PDR-W839).

If you have a decent CD player take a look @ the newer Tascam 900 MKII model.

With the Pioneer the recording quality increased when I plugged it directly into the wall (sans power conditioner).

Don't know why this is, but doing so was recommended by someone in the industry and they were right.




The Op is looking for dual drive NOT dual drawer.

The JVC has a triple changer on the playback side.


Please explain the difference - I don't understand what you are saying.

My Pioneer CDR had two drawers (separate cd drives) in which one is a single CD record/playback and the other is a 3 CD tray for playback only.

I assumed that the OP wanted the convenience of duplicating a physical CD using a single unit in a 1X process.