Need stand recommendation for Gershman studio IIs


I'm in process of buying a pair of Gershman studio IIs.  10" W X 14" D x 17" H and 50 lbs each.  I've heard 20" is suggested stand height.

Q1: Any recommendations for stands?  Hegel apparently sells them, but not sure if $1500 stands are appropriate for speakers that list $3650

Thanks for your time

Q2: PS what do most people put between 50 lbs speakers and the stands?   Blue tack?  Puck vibration thing(e.g. isoacoustics) ? Cones? (and more cones between stand and floor--yikes)





Good speakers will always benefit from the best available stands. It would not be foolish to spend $1500.


1) Don't spend $1500 on stands for speakers that cost $3650. That is the pathway of  dudes with IQ below room temperature.

2) Isoacoustics /isolation wouldn't be a bad idea.

20” stands seem kinda low as the tweeter will likely be below your ear level. These are not aggressive speakers in the highs so I’d think you’d want the tweets more on ear level that would likely require the more common 24” stands. I’d look for something like these that are very reasonably priced and sand/lead fillable to add mass for better sound, and I agree spending $1500 for stands for these speakers is a bit silly when there are many much more reasonable and very good stands available out there.

Here are a couple from Audio Advisor…

Hopefully this shows you there are very good options 80% - 90% cheaper than the $1500 stands. Great speakers BTW.  Best of luck.

Another thug comment from down deep. Those are excellent speakers and well worth it. Sound Anchors are a good suggestion as @soix  said.

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+1 on Sound Anchors they are totally rock solid and look great too and perfect for larger monitors.

All great suggestions. Here is another option. I’ve used the 2 post 20 inch ones with Falcons that are the same height as your speakers and they were fine!

Since no one had asked what type of structure/floor will the stands reside on?

This can make a difference when selecting stands for specific speakers.



1. deKay,

Speakers are going on a hardwood floor.

2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Two things:

a. Target is a Canadian brand speakers stand (like Pangea but sturdier) which gets good reviews and someone in Canada with same speakers used them.

b. Because speakers are 10 x 14" and larger than the top plate on many stands I may use model that offer larger top plate.

The MoFi 20" or 22" (linked above) look good.

I have used Target HR's and still own them.

My take with non-slab floors is that I prefer rigid but not too heavy stands (I filled the HR's approx. 1/4-1/3 full with sand blasting sand - forget the specific type but you need to wear a mask when handling it).