Need suggestions on a streaming solution!

I already have a DAC that I really like, so I am looking for a simple streamer (sans DAC) that can be controlled from my Android tablet. All the streamers that I have looked at have DACs built in, and I don't see any reason to have the redundancy of another DAC. All my streaming is from Qobuz. this is simple enough to do with a Windows laptop but that's awkward because it has to be hard wired to the DAC input Via USB and I have to get out of the listening chair and go stand at the rack to browse music and change selections. I have been playing with a Hi Fi Rose RS 250 but again I'm paying for another DAC that I don't need. Does somebody make a box that will stream Qobuz from a LAN connection and be controlled with an Android tablet?  I can't be the only person in the market for a product like this.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.,

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Queue the Blue Sound recommendations. 


An alternative to the BS is the Bryston BDP-3.   Spartan interface to Qobuz but the SQ is right up there and build quality is top notch.  Used can be found for <$2K.   The interface is web based so you can control it with any device that can run a browser. 2 stellar implementations of Radio Paradise and Pureclassix radio. 

ifi zen stream

bluesound node (consider the built in dac a throw-away)

eversolo a6 (ditto above)

@goose +1 on the Innuos. Although the pulse mini has a dac. Just traded it for the pulse. So my vote is obviously Innuos. 

I'm using an iFi Zen Stream with an iFi iPower Elite power supply and I'm pleased with it.  I don't have another streamer to compare it with though so I don't know if I'm missing out on anything.

Similar to IFI zen is the Allo USBridge signature.  I have it in a second system and it is great for the price.

Use a better power supply.


yes for the zenstream, i definitely agree that a better power supply (lps) lets the unit perform at its best

Take a look at the Wiim products. The Mini and the Pro both have DACs in them but at the price it really does not matter. Just use the digital outs.  They both do 192 KHz, but the mini only has optical out and many optical cables do not do 192 Khz. I use the Pro so I can use coax which goes to 192 KHz easily. It streams Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon, etc. and is also does DLNA. Nice inexpensive solution. One drawback is that it does not support DSD at this time.